Friday, January 02, 2009

Organizational Skills Needed

My friend Karen really wants me to start quilting. How can I possibly quilt (or do anything else for that matter) on this table? My organizational skills are really lacking. I've just got too much stuff!

I was standing in line today at the grocery store and looking at all the magazine covers with stories on organizing. Then the Container Store sent me their catalog last week. It's starting to look like a big conspiracy. Are they trying to make me feel guilty about all the mess and clutter around here? If so, it's working.

I've tried Fly Lady. link

I like the concept, but all the E-mails drove me crazy. Sure, I guess I could read from the site, but I know wouldn't. :)

I've got to declutter. It's just that every time I get fired up and get rid of stuff I usually end up having regrets. Last year I rented a small storage room and it's already full. I decided the Christmas boxes were taking up too much room in closets. With the heat and humidity here I can't really store too much in the attic or garage. How I'd love a basement. I'm so envious of people with basements, but they just don't have them here.

And the dolls! I was really a whole lot more organized before I got into doll collecting. Yes, the dolls take up space, but all the doll accessories are what's really killing me. I enjoy changing their clothes and setting them up in scenes, but all their stuff takes up a lot of valuable storage space. There are plastic containers stacked in closets, under the beds, in every nook and cranny. HELP! I want to go back to being the neat freak that I was at one time.

Oh yes, I went to the mall first thing this morning and walked a few miles. I was so proud of myself. Then I went out to the car and found a note. Someone wrote that they had hit my right front fender and left their license plate number, the time, and date. The car was still there right up against my right front fender. So, I went back into the mall to get security to file a report. When we got back to my car the other vehicle was gone. I've since learned that the license plate number was no good. I joked with my insurance company about keeping the note for the DNA.


  1. If Karen says you should quilt, then you should quilt. She is the boss. She sent me here to say hello! Happy New Year and good luck with your organizing. I need to do that also, but I don't hold out much hope for success in that area.

  2.'re in Virginia Beach. I so regret having moved from there way back in 1980. We loved Virginia Beach and would have gone back but got stuck in Texas during the oil bust of the 80's when home prices went down the tube.

  3. Betty, I'm so sorry to hear about your car. But good for you that you got out and walked! I've been slogging thru the snow, and developing great leg muscles. LOL Good luck on organizing. I've found something helpful: I keep a box in my bedroom, and as I clean up each week, whatever I come across that I haven't used in a year, I put in the box. In no time I have a box full for charity. I think I've given away 20 boxes this year. I should keep track. Also, daily cleaning/picking up really works, although it isn't as exciting as blogging...


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