Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Minute Christmas Baking

Getting some last minute Christmas baking done...
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

(I only recently noticed that you can see a reflection of the photographer and his big camera in the background.)


Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Is Coming...

'Tis the season for a doll post. 

Christmas will be here before you know it and my doll family headed out to the Christmas Tree Farm to cut their own tree.
They picked a big one and it wasn't easy getting that tree in the truck.
Everyone pitched in and helped.
Before you knew it they had it secured.
Mr. Jeff gave a generous tip and said, "Merry Christmas!"
Everyone in the Vogue Doll Family (and Muffie) has the Christmas spirit.  It's easy to catch this time of year.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace to the 20 first graders and six educators that were the victims of gun violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School four years ago today.  I will never forget.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Merry Christmas???

What happened to Thanksgiving?

I would have sworn it came sometime after Halloween and before Christmas.

Two weeks ago I saw this at the mall while mall walking.  He waved at me.
He probably wasn't busy because most people weren't expecting to see him yet.  I know I was surprised!  This past Friday I actually saw a couple of children sitting on his lap, so I guess the word got out.

Right behind Santa's backdrop is a huge candy display.  Lots of candy for sale.  I thought to myself..."thank goodness my kids are grown."  They would have been waiting to see Santa and begging for candy.  Clever marketing.

I wasn't quite sure if this was appropriate.  You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. 
I guess most kids have never seen Schweddy Balls on Saturday Night Live.
Happy Poo Year?  When I think about you I touch my elf? Toro Balls?

I guess I'm showing my age.  When my kids were little they never would have had a candy display like this next to Santa!
I guess nothing should really surprise me anymore.

Maybe next year Santa will appear before Halloween!  I guess it's only a matter of time.

I worked at Gimbel's Department Store when I was in high school.  Back then Santa didn't appear until AFTER Thanksgiving.  Of course, back then there was no such thing as Black Friday and stores DID NOT OPEN on Thanksgiving Day either.

Thank you Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods for running ads on television this year announcing that you will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Sounds like a good idea to me!

This past weekend I went to the Christmas Home Tour in Friendswood.  The Friendswood Garden Club has been having this tour the weekend before Thanksgiving for 50 years.

It's fun going through the different homes and seeing how they're decorated.  I took a few pictures outside.  This house had a snow machine, but you can't see the snow in this picture.  It was a nice touch.  Fortunately, it cooled off this weekend and we're now wearing long pants and light jackets.  Snow didn't seem that out of place at all!  Last week it was summer and now it's practically winter.  Winter to us anyway.
At one home the husband had a couple of old cars on display.  There were presents in the back of this car, but I didn't get a picture.
 Another house had an old car out front with packages in the trunk.
And Santa driving!
I've been trying to get some things done and I haven't been online much lately.  After Thanksgiving I'll have to get busy decorating and Christmas shopping.  I plan to do most of my shopping online.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Stay home and enjoy the day with family and friends.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trick Or Treat...Smell My Feet...Give Me Something Good To Eat!

It's time for my dolls to go Trick Or Treating.  Yes, I've been playing again!

This year I had a little help from Ms. Jill (a modern Vogue Jill doll) and her new Polaroid Camera.  She took most of the photographs for me.  (Click on them to enlarge.)
 They went Trick Or Treating in the trailer park.  Ms. Jan (a vintage Vogue Jan doll) dressed as a cowgirl handed out the treats.  The kids waited patiently in line.
While waiting they could have their fortunes told.
At times the line was pretty long.
There were lots of different costumes.  (Don't worry about the Hawaiian Ginny and her bare feet.  It's warm here!)
They waited for Ms. Jan to give them a treat from the big bowl of candy.
I got the vintage Vogue Ginny in the clown costume at a doll show in Austin earlier this year.
The rest of the dolls are Vogue vintage reproduction Ginnys, modern Ginnys, and a Madame Alexander doll.

I found Ms. Jill's Polaroid Camera at the Go Store in the Mall.  It's a seasonal store for the holidays.  In the past it was just an area out in the mall, but this year it's a store and there's a bigger selection.  For anyone looking for 1:6 scale accessories for their dolls they also have some Fisher Price toys and an Etch A Sketch.  I know in the past Hallmark had some of these as ornaments, but I actually like these better for the dolls.  I bought the last Polaroid Camera and they didn't know if they'd get any more in.  If interested check for a Go Store in your mall.
Have a safe Halloween!