Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Q" as in QUICK for Alphabe-Thursday

It's time again for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent." 

This week we are studying the letter "Q" as in QUICK...
...get an Alphabe-Thursday post up!!! 

This is it!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"P" as in PAPER art for Alphabe-Thursday

After a bit of an absence I'm jumping in again for Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday.

This week we are studying the letter "P" as in PAPER art.

Take a look at this guy!   He's made out of paper.  This is Okoa The Wave Rider.  We stumbled upon him while down at MD Anderson Cancer Center for one of Reid's appointments recently.
I'm sorry that the picture of the sign isn't very clear.  He was an art project by the patients, families and staff at MD Anderson's Cancer Center.  The project was made possible by the Arts In Medicine Program.  The sign tells the story behind Okoa, but all of these pictures were taken with our cell phones and I know the writing isn't very clear.
However, you can read the entire story behind Okoa The Wave Rider here.

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Life goes on...

I've been wanting to post an update for a while, but I was waiting for some results.

Reid had been having spots in his field of vision and was sent to a Neuro-Opthamologist.  (I didn't even know such a specialty existed.)  Anyway, this doctor suspected the spots were caused by Reid's original cancer pressing against a nerve in his neck.  He wanted him to have a PET scan just to rule out a recurrence of the Hodgkin's in his neck.

There was no Hodgkin's in his neck, but the PET scan did light up in his check area.  That kind of caught us by surprise since all the scans since his last stem cell transplant had been negative.  A needle biopsy was ordered and that came back negative.  However, they thought there might be suspicious cells and suggested a surgical biopsy so they could get a bigger piece.  The needle biopsy only gets a very small amount.  So, two weeks ago Reid had the surgical biopsy where they went in with a scope and got a larger piece.  This one also came back negative for Hodgkin's.  However, now his doctor says they still might not have gotten enough, so they will follow up with another PET scan in two or three months.  The spot that lit up will either be gone or will grow.

Although we're grateful that the biopsies came back negative, we're still concerned.  It's been a stressful month.

Then on Saturday morning Reid told me that he now has double vision when he looks to the right.  He hasn't had the spots though since early July.  We have no idea what's going on, but he left a message with the Neuro-Opthamologist's answering service and they called back and scheduled an appointment for September 8th.  Hopefully, he'll get some answers then.

Meanwhile, he took an online class this summer and is currently enrolled in another one this semester.  He is able to read and type without any trouble, so hopefully he'll be able to keep up with this class.  He hasn't been driving and won't until he sees the doctor on the 8th.

With all of this going on I fell behind with Alphabe-Thursday.  To be honest, I just wasn't in the mood.  Stress will do that to a person, but I'm joining in again this week.  I enjoy doing Ms. Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday and it keeps me blogging at least once a week (most of the time).

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share a few pictures that I took from the 24th floor at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  This floor is the observation floor.  There's nothing else.  It's just a place to relax.

These pictures were taken through a glass window with my cell phone.  The building in the middle is MD Anderson's Mays Clinic.  In the background (from left to right) is The Astrodome, NRG Stadium (where the Houston Texans play), and the Houston Texans Practice Bubble.
In this picture the building to the right is where Reid was an inpatient for both of his stem cell transplants.  One time his room overlooked this helicopter pad and I would watch the helicopters land (while Reid mostly slept).
And here's how Reid entertains himself between appointments.  This was also taken on the 24th floor.  It's pretty quiet up there.  I don't think a lot of people even realize the observation floor is there.  Too bad because they're missing out on quite a view.
Now I'm off to get my Alphabe-Thursday post up!

Friday, July 03, 2015

"G" as in GINNY DOLLS for Alphabe-Thursday

I'm getting my Alphabe-Thursday post up on Friday again this week!

"G" as in GINNY DOLLS!  Not too original.  I've done quite a few posts on my Vogue GINNY Dolls over the years, but she's the first thing that pops into my mind for the letter "G."

Yes, this will be a doll post.

I grew up in the 1950's playing with GINNY and I still play with her today.  I collect vintage, modern, and vintage reproduction GINNY Dolls and her family.  I'm forever trying to get them organized. 

Recently I had some cabinets built in my doll room.  It took a long time to get them painted.  They took three coat of primer and two coats of oil based paint.  I painted on and off for two weeks.

I've been moving dolls around and I've temporarily put some in the new cabinets.  Nothing is really organized yet.  I just put some in the new cabinets to get them out of the way for now.  I'm thinking about organizing them by year and theme.

With some dolls out of the way in the new cabinets I can work on some of the rooms.  They're pretty messy right now.
And I still need to get the game room finished.  A friend gave my son the Ginny size games.  They were used in a store as examples of how the human size games would look, but they were perfect for my dolls.  One of these days I'll have that room finished!
A while back I started hanging and tagging doll clothes.  I have to get that finished too!
I like the idea of hanging clothes because they don't get as wrinkled.

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Friday, June 26, 2015


If only this was called Alphabe-Friday.  I'd be right on time!

This week we are studying the letter "F" as in FINALLY FINISHED!!!

In 2013 I began work on my mother's sewing table.  She said it had originally been her grandmother's.  It had always been pretty beat up, but got even worse in the move here.
My mother had it in the hallway and the mirror shown in this picture always hung above it for as long as I can remember.  As a child the little swing out drawer fascinated me.   My mother used to keep her thread on the little spindles.  The thread sold today does not fit on them.

I began work at the old house and then we got busy packing and moving.  (We've now lived here almost two years.)  Before the move I had it all sanded.  There was really no choice since the top had a deep scratch. 
I toyed with the idea of using chalk paint, but then decided with cats I needed to protect the finish.  Although I like the worn look I preferred a nice smooth finish for this piece.  Besides, I had a jar of sample paint in a shade of blue that I really liked.

I quickly took a few pictures of the finished table in my upstairs hallway.  They really don't accurately show the shade of blue.  It's a little washed out in these pictures.  I momentarily thought about lugging the table down the stairs and out into the yard for a photo in natural light, but it's so hot and humid out there today!  I also need to tell you that the rug is not dirty.  I think it's shadows.  After I uploaded these pictures I went back and checked just to be sure.

I had a piece of glass cut for the top.  Just an added piece of protection from the cats.  The finish on top looked so pretty and I knew I'd be heartbroken if a cat scratched it.  Only the first picture has the glass.  I took some without it.  I'd prefer not to have the glass, but I'd also prefer not to have the top ruined.
I used three coats of the blue paint and some stain on the top.  I no longer remember the color of the stain.  Then I added a rub on varnish for the top and two coats of Polycrylic finish to protect the paint.

I still have to finish the mirror.

I started the table in June of 2013 and finished it a couple of months ago.  It's FINALLY FINISHED!!!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

"E" as in EXTREME hate...

I had no idea what I'd write about this week for Alphabe-Thursday and then the news about the Charleston, South Carolina church killings broke.  Nine people murdered because of a person's extreme hate.

I've never understood the ability to hate that deeply. What motivates someone to be consumed by hate?

My son had a doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago.  While waiting he sent me a text about a man in the waiting room.  "Wait until I get home and tell you about what this guy is saying."  What he was saying was bizarre and hate filled, but I told my son he had to be getting his rant from somewhere.  Sure enough, I did a quick google search and pulled up the same hate filled statements.

I have a love hate relationship with the Internet.  There are many things I enjoy online, but its presence has also opened up a whole can of worms.  People can now easily spread misinformation and hate.  A hate filled person can find others to validate and fuel his hatred in the anonymous Internet world. 

I don't know if that's what actually happened in the South Carolina tragedy, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that this murderer/terrorist spent a considerable amount of time online with like minded people.

Hate has always been around and I'm afraid always will be, but I think the Internet is just one of the contributing factors that has made hatred worse in recent times.

Today my prayers are with everyone affected by hate.

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