Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"V" as in VOGUE dolls for Alphabe-Thursday

I've been absent for a while and won't even attempt to play catch up this time.  I'm just going to jump right in with a letter "V" post for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."
"V" is a good letter for me since I collect VOGUE Ginny dolls...vintage, modern, and vintage reproduction dolls and their family and friends.

There were no VOGUE dolls produced this year.  The dolls are manufactured in China and according to what I've been told by other people the Chinese government has shut down the factory and confiscated all the VOGUE Doll Company molds.   I've been checking the VOGUE website on a regular basis to see if there were any updates, but so far there's been nothing posted.  I am concerned about the future of this company.  I would hate to see these dolls no longer produced.

Meanwhile I've been busy redecorating some of my dolls' rooms.  Their living room was given some new wallpaper and windows and curtains were added.  I also stained the wood floor for a new look.  That's a reproduction VOGUE Jill doll doing some knitting.
Of course, the kids had to have a little fun.  The boys are reproduction VOGUE boy Ginny dolls.  (I wish they'd give them a name of their own instead of calling them boy Ginny dolls.)
I also recently purchased a vintage VOGUE dress from 1953 for this vintage VOGUE Ginny.  The dress was in excellent condition and just needed to be pressed.  I made her a new pair of bloomers and added a slip and some reproduction red center snaps.  I already had the hat for this outfit and was just waiting for the right time to bid on the dress.
I also recently added this 1957 VOGUE Ginny wearing what collectors call the balloon dress and coat.  I've wanted this outfit for a long time and when this doll and outfit became available on eBay I was the successful bidder.  I love the way the coat is lined in the same fabric as the dress.  My vintage VOGUE Jill is wearing a dress that I've had for a long time.  I no longer remember where I found it, but the dress is the same print as Ginny's only with an off white background and turquoise and red print.  Her dress is not made by VOGUE but was apparently made during the same time period.
 I also recently added this reproduction VOGUE Ginny to my collection.  She originally came wearing different shoes and "stockings."  I think Ginny is a little girl and shouldn't be wearing stockings like an adult, so I replaced the stockings with socks and shoes.  The doll on the left is a VOGUE reproduction Jill doll and the doll on the right is a vintage VOGUE Jill doll from the late 1950's.  She's wearing a dress that I still had from my childhood.  I think the VOGUE Doll Company did an excellent job with the reproduction Jills.  It's hard to tell the two Jills apart. I think Ginny looks cute in a matching dress.
Well, that's it for now.  I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately.  I'm hoping to get a doll scene set up for Halloween, but I just haven't had the time.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Very Sad...

I lost a very special friend.  She was one in a million and I will never have another friend like her.

I hesitate to even write because words will not do her justice.  She was that special.

She came into our lives in 2006 when she was 6 years old.  Her original owners were unable to keep her.  I truly believe they must have loved her because she was so sweet.  I found her on Pet Finders and she was being fostered by a Veterinarian's wife.  She had needed two surgeries and was finally ready to be adopted.
Her name was Sophie and we weren't about to rename her.  That name belonged to her.

She was a Miniature Schnauzer with a laid back Collie or Lab's personality.  Yes, she barked like a Schnauzer, but loved everyone she met.  I would joke that if someone broke in while we were gone she would run up and lick them and act like their new best friend.
She even loved and tolerated the cats.  That's her in the upper right hand corner.
One of the cats had a bad habit of making Sophie move.  If Sophie was sleeping on one of the couches Murphy would go over and nudge her until she moved.  Usually she'd jump off one couch and onto the other and lay down with a sigh.  That's about as much as she'd complain.
She enjoyed sleeping in cat beds more than the cats.
I suspect at times she might have thought she was a cat.

In May I took her to the Veterinarian and she had lost some weight.  That was strange because she was eating just fine.  But over the summer she stopped eating as well and finally didn't want to eat much at all.
We ended up taking her to a specialist and she had lumps and bumps in her spleen.  It was probably cancer.  I opted for surgery, but her pre-op blood work showed that her kidney wasn't functioning as well anymore.  (She only had one good kidney.)  We tried IV's to see if the numbers would improve, but they didn't improve enough.  She did start eating a little more, so we brought her home to love for a little while longer.  We knew the days were numbered.
I didn't want her trying to jump on and off my bed, so we put one of those blow up mattresses smack dab in the middle of the den floor.  Reid and I took turns sleeping there with her at night.
She loved all the extra attention.  She was in no pain.  We became pretty creative trying to find things she would eat.  Reid had some success with dog omelets.  Since she loved eggs he'd put dog food inside an omelet.

Eventually that wouldn't even work.

Reid and I talked.  We knew it was time to let our friend go.  Last Thursday we took her for a long car ride.  That was one of her favorite things to do.  We drove back over to Friendswood and took her for a ride past our old house.  When we turned down the street she sat up straight.  She had always done that when we lived there and would return home.  Somehow she knew.

We took her for one last ride on Friday.  She was always happy to go to the Veterinarian and last Friday was no exception.  In a way that made it easier.

We miss her so much.  She was definitely one in a million.  I feel so sad and lost without her.  Jim used to say that he had "one dog" and I had "all those cats,"  but she truly belonged to all of us.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blogging Break...

I've taken a blogging break.

My sweet Sophie isn't doing well.  She's a 13 year old rescue dog that we adopted when she was 6 years old.  She's the friendliest Miniature Schnauzer you'll ever meet.

We discovered about a month ago that she probably has cancer in her spleen.  I took her in for surgery, but the pre-op blood work showed that her kidney wasn't functioning as well as it should and surgery would be risky.  She only has one working kidney anyway, so this wasn't good news.

I brought her home and as long as she's in no pain or discomfort we'll do what we can for her.  She's lost a lot of weight, but we're usually able to entice her to eat with things she's never eaten before.  She's always been on prescription diet food, but now we give her what she'll eat.  We also give her lots of chopped ice.

She's a happy little dog, but I don't think she has much longer.  Meanwhile, I try and keep her downstairs.  We put a blow up mattress on the den floor and Reid and I take turns sleeping down there with her.  I got concerned about her jumping up and down off my bed upstairs.  Of course, the cats think the mattress is for their comfort and convenience, but we all share.
 March 2011

Anyway, the computer is upstairs and I just have limited time on it, so for now I'll be hit and miss in the blogging world. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

"O" as in OH DEAR for Alphabe-Thursday

Yikes!  It's time again for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."  In keeping with my doll theme I'm reaching into my archives to find a picture.  I've been kind of busy this week and didn't have time to come up with something original so I'm going with "O" as in OH DEAR!

Some years back an online doll group did a thing called "Ginny as me."  We would find an old photograph of ourselves and then recreate the photo with our Vogue Ginny dolls.

OH DEAR...what was I thinking when this photo was taken?
This is actually from an old  slide and I was rejecting Skippy Olsen's advances.  This was taken sometime in the early 1950's.

Here's Ginny as me!
The boy doll is a Madame Alexander doll.  The Ginny representing me is what collectors call a Skinny Ginny.  This type of Ginny was manufactured during the late 70's and early 80's.  This was a period of time when the Vogue Doll Company was undergoing changes and was owned by a couple of different companies.   Eventually, the company was purchased by the Smith family in 1995 and today we have very good reproduction Ginnys that are very similar to the ones produced in the 1950's.  (I was always a skinny child so I decided to use a Skinny Ginny for this picture.)

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"N" as in Afternoon NAP for Alphabe-Thursday

We're back again for Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Ms. Jenny at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."  This week we are studying the letter "N" as in Afternoon NAP.

A self portrait by Betty Martin

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