Monday, January 12, 2009

Feral Cat Surprise

OK...I'm going to try again.

We had beautiful weather last week. I love it when they humidity is down. Most of the time there's quite a bit of moisture in the air which means in the summer it's hot and humid and in the winter when it gets cold it's usually a damp cold. I rarely use moisturizer which I guess is one advantage of living here, but I love a warm day without a lot of humidity and that's what we had last week. Perfect weather!

I decided to bring my camera along when I went out in the backyard with Sophie. She enjoys watching squirrels and would do it by the hour if I let her.

She's eight years old, but we've only had her two years. Her original owners were unable to keep her, but she's got a forever home with us.

We were both taken by surprise when our feral cat suddenly appeared. I guess we disturbed her while she was sunning herself in the ferns. I know it's difficult to spot her, but MaMa is behind the bike right up against the trunk of the tree.

It's not easy getting pictures of MaMa. She immediately becomes suspicious when she sees anything in my hand other than her dish of food. She's even more cautious since Hurricane Ike. The day before Ike hit my husband grabbed her and brought her in the house for the storm. It was a traumatic experience for her, but she was a lot better off inside than out in the storm. She didn't appreciate the kind gesture and my husband has the scars to prove it. I just hope she forgets before hurricane season arrives this year because we'd want to catch her again. (I hope my husband forgets too!)

I did check on her later in the day and she was back in her shed.

We've had MaMa for seven years now and I'm as attached to her as I am the inside cats. MaMa however is only attached to the food we feed her.

And poor little Zoom wanted to join us in the yard, but she's an indoor cat now.


  1. Betty, we are indeed blogging up a storm! I don't know what's got into me. I think we deserve a little medal. If you keep it up more than once per week until the end of Jan I will send you a little gift in the mail. How's that for incentive? I finally figured out how to add blog favourites to my list. I'm rather slow...

  2. Ooops...forgot to say in my 1st comment that Sophie is adorable, and so are your cats! I love your photos. I love learning all about you. LOL Kelsie wouldn't simply watch squirrels; she would eat them.

  3. They are beautiful, all of them!


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