Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've been busy taking down the Christmas decorations. (Better late than never.)

Here's one stack of Christmas stuff almost ready to go back into storage. I've got a couple of other piles like this in the dining room. On Saturday we'll drag it all back to the storage room that we rent.
I'm seriously considering not doing all of this next year. Please don't call me a Grinch, but I'm burnt out. Every year I decorate the tree by myself. I'd love for it to be a family affair, but I guess I've got that Normal Rockwell image of what Christmas is supposed to be and I'm living with reality here. So, every year I put it all up and take it all down. I thoroughly enjoy the decorations once they're up, but I'm tired of doing it too. Maybe it's time for a change. I think I could be happy with just the manger, a wreath, and a few vintage Christmas decorations. I'm wondering if my family would want the tree and other decorations if I just waited? I have a favorite quote from the Grinch movie. The Grinch says, "Perhaps Christmas doesn't come from the store, perhaps Christmas is something more."

I have been working on my promise to declutter in 2009. I liked Loretta's idea of always keeping a box ready for items to donate. I stuck a box in the dining room and quickly filled it up, so I added a second box. Next week I'll take it all to the resale shop before I reconsider and decide to keep some of it. I keep telling myself to be strong and I've made a promise not to bring anything else into the house until I get rid of some things. I love to walk around resale shops and antique malls, so I'd better hurry and make a dent in some of this clutter.

Yesterday I heard a racket in the bathroom. Roscoe decided to hide from Zoom in the bathtub.

But Zoom was determined...

Poor Roscoe. No rest for the weary...

Sorry Roscoe.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about the Xmas decorations! Those cats are so cute.

  2. Betty, maybe you could put up a small doll sized tree instead? I'd try that. My parents have a small tree that's only about 3' high. It's so cute. My mom puts miniature decorations on it. Good for you! You've filled up 2 boxes already. I'm working on one; I'm getting rid of Christmas decorations I don't absolutely love. I'm planning to give away a mini white Christmas tea tomorrow at my Chatty tea as a door prize, as 2 people are coming. I love the adorable kitty pictures. I love kitties...

  3. Oops...meant to say I'm giving away a mini white TREE tomorrow, not TEA.

  4. Oh, Betty, Zoom is darling darling darling. To think of how close he was to a different fate.


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