Thursday, January 22, 2009


Bare with me...I'll still be talking about this a year from now. I'm determined to get rid of some of my excess stuff, but it's so difficult.

I keep finding all these silly sentimental reasons for keeping things. And I've got so many unfinished projects. Believe it or not, I still have macrame supplies stuffed in one drawer. You never know when macrame might make a come back. Probably shortly before cross stitch is hot again. I've got a drawer of cross stitch too and my eyes aren't that great anymore. I've been told I'll need a cornea transplant in the near future. Of course, I'm afraid to get rid of the cross stitch because I "might" see well enough afterwards to do cross stitch again.

Yes, this is a difficult project for me. I just don't want to become one of those people you hear about on the news. You know, the little old lady with stacks of newspapers dating back to WW II all over her apartment along with uneaten bologna sandwiches. I hate to even say the "H" word...hoarder. I just can't let that happen. So, every so often I clear out some stuff. Lately I find myself walking around antique malls and resale shops and not buying. I've told myself to take it easy until I've made room for more. Before you know it April will arrive and that's when the big Round Top Antique Fair comes to Texas. I want to go this year. I've missed the last several times and I don't want to miss again.

I've been working all week on this one closet. First I took everything out and piled it on the bed and floor. This is only part of really can't see it all.

Then I sorted through most of it. (I'm still not done.) Some had to go and some had to be straightened and organized.

See, my donate boxes are getting nice and full. Anyone need some clown shoes? You never know when you can use them.

And I've started a third box.

This week the resale shop isn't accepting donations. UH-OH, that means more thinking time. More time to change my mind. I'm trying to resist the temptation to take things out of the boxes.

Now here's the far.

It's still crowded! And I've still got a few things on the floor and bed that have to go back into the closet. Now the one box in the back (blue box with the handle) is a TV for hurricane season, but after February 17th it will fail the analog to digital test. I guess I could get rid of it. It's not like we're going to have a hurricane before February 17th, but it does have a radio and flashlight too. See, I'm so practical. And of course, the box of Fisher Price toys has to stay. It's full of sentimental things.

Tomorrow will be my fourth day working on this closet. See why I never get anything done? I was hoping to free up space in this closet so there would be room for the overflow from some of the other closets. What I would do for a basement or usable attic. No basements here and it's too hot and humid in the attic and garage. So, we (better make that me) stuff things in closets and under the beds.

I guess it will be next week before I move on to another closet. Meanwhile I'd like a little help. Should I get rid of this?

Some years back I won him at the Hallmark store. Why couldn't I just win the lottery instead? He's awfully cute, but I have no place to put him so he sits in the dining room year round.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. Betty! You remind me SO MUCH of myself!!! We're 2 peas in a pod, although I really have given away loads of things. I believe I gave away 20 boxes last year. I have to, in order to purchase new AG dolls. But you're NOT going to give away that adorable stuffed snowman in that last box, are you? I have one just like it. He's even on my blog post; the one with Kit in the snow! How could you possibly give him away? And what is that darling pink sleigh that I see? I'm quite interested in that. Could you please take a picture of it for me, the right way up? What size doll does it hold?

  2. No, you can't get rid of the teddy!

  3. OH, you and Loretta are too funny!!! :-) '
    I am so proud of you for taking these steps to decluttering your home. We all would benefit from a good clean out every once in a while. Gotta make room for the new things we are buying! ;-)


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