Monday, April 04, 2011

A Long Day...

We arrived at MD Anderson at 11:00 this morning and we're still here as I type this post.  The basketball game is underway and now I'm hoping we get out of here before the game is over.  We can't avoid Reliant Stadium on the way back to Candlewood.

Reid's platelets dropped again which we hadn't expected and he is now receiving a platelet transfusion.  It's been a busy day with a Fast Track Clinic visit and the PET scans which took a big chunk of the afternoon.  I'll be on pins and needles until we get the results on Wednesday from his stem cell doctor.  Please say a prayer that the scans are clear.

We learned today that Reid will not be able to participate in the next clinical trial unless his platelets go up to 50 by day +40.   Today is day +25, so there is still time, but the doctor thinks the platelets haven't engrafted yet since there's been a slow but steady decline since his last transfusion.  So, we wait and hope.

I normally don't drive at night with my vision, but at least we take city streets and not a freeway on the return trip.  It still makes me a little nervous, but we never expected this morning that we'd be here this late.

Thanks again for your support...Betty


  1. Hi, Betty, it sounds like it's very worrisome at the moment. Is the scan dependent on the engrafting status? I will be thinking of you and hoping.

  2. I pray things start looking up and the enumbers get better.

  3. I'm pulling for Reid's recovery. I'm sure you are all drained. Hang in there. La

  4. I'm hoping the numbers go up, Betty.

  5. I hope his numbers go up Betty! He won't have to go through what he just didn't for the next trial will he? Get some rest lady! You deserve it!

    Hugs & Prayers!

  6. Prayers for healing and safety!!!!
    Hugs and Blessings!

  7. I loved your photo on your profile and came in for the first time...I hope you received good answers from your doctors today and I'm starting to pray for him.
    God bless you and your family.


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