Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Last Friday I met a friend for lunch down in Rice Village in Houston. Rice Village is located near Rice University and is one of Houston's older shopping areas with many stores and restaurants. In a way it reminds me of going downtown to shop or eat when I was a child growing up in the 50's and 60's in New Jersey.

Coletta was visiting from California and we decided to meet for lunch at La Madeline's. We had a leisurely lunch and then browsed through a few stores. One of the stores we visited was the 5 and 10 cent store. Of course, nothing is 5 or 10 cents anymore, but that's OK. It's still a nice trip down memory lane.

Variety Fair 5 & 10 has been there since 1948. They still carry many of the same things that I remember from childhood. A lot of the little toys and trinkets I hadn't seen for many years.
I don't remember rubber chickens (that must be a newer item) and had to talk Coletta out of buying one.

But she was a good sport and graciously agreed to pose for pictures in the store.

I think the cash register has been there since 1948 too.

And then she kindly took a picture of me, so I could prove I was there

Now if there had only been a soda fountain next door where I could have bought a chocolate Coke the day would have been perfect. You haven't really lived until you've had a chocolate Coke. Forget cherry Cokes, vanilla Cokes, or lemon Cokes. Chocolate is the way to go.


  1. Hello Betty,
    How I miss the 5 & 10's stores....to think that Dollar General has replaced such a wonderful concept of great things!! Now...I've never had a chocolate coke..that sounds dangerous..LOL How much chocolate syrup do you use?

    Thanks for visiting my vintage image blog...to answer your question..I've seriously been collecting patterns, transfers and booklets for about a dozen years but have also have a love affair with books...well, paper in general..LOL

    Drop by anytime and I'll be back to visit again soon.

    Queen of Dreamsz

  2. Ahhh...those wonderful old dime stores! Loved them as a kid, love them now. Branson, MO has an old-timey one that we always visit whenever we're in town.

  3. What a neat store! And you took pictures! Cool! I remember a store like that, only 3 blocks from where I live now, but it is long gone. I loved those stores. There's one downtown that's been turned into a fabric store; it's positively huge. It used to be Woolworth's. Did you have those stores in Texas? I love going down memory lane...

  4. That looks like my kind of atore! I love that cash register. That's a great pic of you, too.

  5. Anonymous8:30 PM

    That's cool, thanks for the pics! My dad went to Rice (probably when it was by streetcar, except his folks bought him a car) and I've been there once, just to say I had. I didn't know about this area or I would have taken a trip over there, too.


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