Wednesday, February 04, 2009


This morning I had to drop Zoom off at the Veterinarian to be spayed, so I decided to walk in the park instead of the mall. It was a little chilly (in the 50's), but bright and sunny. I thought some of you that have been dealing with ice and snow this winter might enjoy seeing some flowers.

This park has some of the fatest squirrels I've ever seen. They're used to begging for food and can get pretty bold at times.
I'm looking straight down at him in this picture and he's sniffing the toe of my shoe. I was afraid he was going to start climbing my leg and I had no food to offer him.
The park was closed for a while after Hurricane Ike and they're still working on clean up. Some of the trails were closed.

Even the rest rooms still had a FEMA blue roof. You just can't avoid them. :)
There was an alternative, but since I don't like the alternative I headed home.
But I did take one last picture. I like seeing Spanish Moss hanging down in the trees. It reminds me of Florida, but we've got it here too.


  1. Betty, you're a riot. And I love the pic of the squirrel looking right up at you. Hope Zoom is doing well, that is the cutest cat ever.

  2. Spanish Moss. Blue sky. Sun. Flowers. Fat squirrels. Betty, you have it all! Wish I was there...

  3. Lovely pics. What a cute little squirrel. I've never seen Spanish moss before.

  4. Loretta...we have almost everything...including hurricanes! I think just about every area has might be flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, ice, etc. I've decided there's probably no escaping.

    Welshcakes...Spanish Moss reminds me of the plantation in Gone With The Wind, but I'm really not sure there was Spanish Moss hanging from those trees. I don't dare watch the movie again because I might be disappointed to discover there isn't any. If there isn't there should be.


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