Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've been fooling around with my blog and doing a little tweaking. Did you notice? This is an experiment and could very well be temporary. I can never make up my mind.

I need help. When I was getting my Dad's house ready for the estate sale a couple of years ago I found my mother's wedding gown hidden away in the attic. My sister and I never knew that it was there and were quite surprised to come across it. It appears to be in good condition for something that's now 66 years old. It's dirty along the bottom and discolored from age, but all things considered it isn't too bad. I can't find any holes or rips.

And here's the headpiece. The veil does have lots of holes and I didn't bother to photograph it.

I should have scanned the wedding picture. I'll try and remember to do that tomorrow and add it to my blog.

If anyone has a suggestion as to what I should do with the gown please let me know. I didn't want to throw it away or leave it in the estate sale. I'm a sentimental old fool...remember? I know I could have it preserved in a box, but that would probably be expensive and I'm not sure the old fibers would survive a cleaning. So, I'm open to suggestions. Is there a way I could discretely display it? I wouldn't want it hanging in the living room. I'm hoping some creative person will come forward with a suggestion.


  1. Hi Betty,
    I wish I knew what to tell you to help. What a treasure you have! I can well understand why you would want to display it. A friend of mine has her wedding gown displayed on a dressmakers form in her bedroom. I have also seen them in shadow boxes. I am not sure how you would go about restoring it - taking out the discolorations. Maybe a professional cleaners could do it. It sure is a beautiful gown!

  2. Oh, Betty, that's a toughie. It's a pretty dress. But wouldn't the best thing be for somebody to have fun wearing it again? I don't know. Maybe somebody will have a good suggestion.

  3. Well, I would try taking it to a good, specialist cleaner's first. Maybe you could have the bodice made into a top?

  4. I'd do what I could to preserve the dress. I'd scrimp and save and pay whatever it took to make sure it was taken care of properly. I'm one of those people who if confronted with such a "find" would do all I could to keep it. Don't ask me why, I just would.

  5. Betty, how neat is this? I think you should take it to the best dry cleaners in your area and ask for help. Then go from there, depending on what they say, and what the price is! I think my mom has her wedding dress in her cedar chest. I can't even remember! She had it dry cleaned but it's still turning yellow with age. I would NOT rip it up.


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