Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is the photo of my parent's wedding on March 27, 1943. William J. Durgin and Carolyn E. Morris were married at Zion Evengelical Lutheran Church in Westwood, NJ. Unfortunately, none of the photos from their wedding turned out very well that day. I recall my mother saying that the photographer had problems with the camera. They're all very light and lack clarity. I tried to darken this one a little, but it's still difficult to see detail in my mother's gown. This is the gown that I recently found and photographed for my previous post. I appreciate all suggestions as to what I might do with this gown. Please take a look at yesterday's photos. Thanks so much for your help.


  1. Hi Betty~ I am so happy you stopped by to visit my blog! I have enjoyed looking at your kitty pictures and your toys! I LOVE your cat whiskers jar! I really need to be on the lookout for one! Hope you are having a good week! ~Mandy

  2. Hi, Betty, wow, what a nice photo. Your parents both look so adorable.

  3. Hi thnaks for coming by my Grandma wedding dress I the cleaner do a preserve on it...cost me like $150.00 and that was 15 years ago..and the way I had it on the dress form is the way I always display it and have never had a problem with it..when it gets dusty I put it in the dryer and air fluff only...hope that helps you..and your parents got married the same year I was born..did you know all Pennies were made from zinc that year as cooper was needed for the your blog..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. It's still a wonderful photo! I think professionals can "tweak" photos too, and make them immensely better. I'd choose 2 of the best ones and have that done. Photos are my favourite collection of all, but mine are not as organized as I'd like...


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