Thursday, February 05, 2009


I picked Zoom up this morning at the Veterinarian and I think she was happy to see me. Of course, with a cat you never know for sure. A dog would be jumping all over the place, but cats are cool cookies.

I dropped her off yesterday morning to be "fixed"...we definitely don't want to add to the pet overpopulation. The Veterinarian was surprised to find that she was already in heat which means that she's actually older than we originally thought. She's probably around seven months old which would mean that when I originally brought her to the Veterinarian in early October she must have been three months old, but only weighed 13 ounces. Since she was a stray we really don't know her history, but she must have been on her own for a while and managed to eat enough to stay alive. She's very possessive about food and I joke that she would kill a Pit Bull for a morsel of food even if she wasn't hungry. I think she learned at an early age to fight for what she got.

Here's a picture of her taken just a short while ago. As you can see she's resting comfortably. This is what we call her pink sucky bed. She loves this bed and sucks on the sides. It's her pacifier which is probably an indication that she wasn't with her mother long enough. She's happy and content now and that's all that matters.

And as Bob Barker would say, "Spay and neuter your pets."


  1. Zoom is so cute, and I'm glad she's doing OK. Kelsie curls up in her blue bed the very same way.

  2. Oh, Zoom, you are beautiful, what a change from the day Betty brought you home! That is so touching that she sucks on the bed like that.

  3. Ah, she is lovely and so is her bed. As you say, she is well and at home, bless her.

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