Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today, my much older sister turns 66. How time flies! She was born at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ. My mother always said that the nuns were singing Christmas Carols and that's why she was named Carol.

Since we were both born around Christmas we didn't usually have birthday parties. My mother said it was already a hectic time of the year (and now that I'm older and wiser I understand), so we usually just had a cake on our special day. We both really wanted to have a party and we begged and begged and finally my mother decided that we'd each get to have a party, but separate years. Carol being the oldest would go first. My party would be the following year. This is a picture of her party on December 23, 1950. She had nine of her friends at the party. Mr. Sheriden the Christmas photographer came to the house for the occasion.

I helped her blow out the candles. I'm pretty sure that was Mr. Sheriden's idea. There's no way she would have let me do that otherwise.

And then the following year it was my turn. By then my mother had decided that Carol Sue's party the previous year had been a bit too much with nine guests and I was told I could only have 6 people at my party. That was 6 people including me, my sister and a cousin that had to be invited. That really meant I could only invite three friends. This was a problem because during the previous year I had told all my friends that they would be coming to my party. I begged and begged to be allowed to invite more people, but my mother was firm. Only 6 people could be at the party and there could be no boys. Boys were much too wild according to mom. So, I had to uninvite some of my friends and settle on three...Janet Smith, Chris Kelly, and Peggy Park. The theme was New Year's and that's why the cupcakes had '52 on them. It was still actually 1951 when this picture was taken.

And then we all posed with the dolls Carol Sue and I had received for Christmas. Yes, we were definitely spoiled. How I wish I still had my dolls today.

Happy 66th Birthday Carol Sue!


  1. You should have been allowed to invite a few more good friends. Moms were so tough on us kids :) Again, lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Happy Birthday Carol Sue!

    What lovely little girlies you were.........

    The story about your mom's apron made me cry.....I wish I had one of my Mum's...........Christmas just won't be the same without her....

    Warm Christmas blessings,


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