Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas 1949

This was the first Christmas in the new house that my parents had built for us. It was a cute little two bedroom, one bath Cape Cod. They left the attic unfinished and some years later finished it off with two more bedrooms and a bath. My sister and I then moved upstairs and had our own rooms.

This was the Christmas that I decided I no longer wanted to pose for these pictures. Of course, I had to pretend to cooperate or my mother would have gotten mad, but I did manage to give a sneaky sneer which only became obvious when the pictures were developed.
This was also the year my mother decided that my sister and I would be twins. Thus began many years of dressing alike.
And you'll notice that the wallpaper became a little more "conservative" in the new place.
And yes, I wish I still had that doll and carriage!

I ran over to see Dad this morning at the nursing home. We spent some time in the library where he enjoys looking at pictures in the books. I had to take the gifts over for the party on Friday. I told him I'd be back for the big shindig.

And tonight I made Chicken Noodle Soup with Matzo Balls. I've been dreaming about this soup since our last trip to Austin and Manny Hattan's Deli. I finally found a recipe online that sounded good. It made a big hit with the family and Reid had two bowls. So, either the soup did the trick or the change in medication has made a difference with the chemo side effects. Personally, I like to think it's the soup that took the better part of the afternoon to make. Anyway, I'm so pleased that he's feeling somewhat better this time.

(I double space between paragraphs and twice I've published this post and some of my double spacing disappeared. I'm going to edit one more time and if you don't see double spacing between all the paragraphs just know that I tried!)


  1. The soup recipe looks good. That will sustain Reid!

  2. I love this post. I wish I had grown up back in those days. Christmas seemed so magical then.


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