Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas 1951 found my mother in bed sick, so it was just Dad that posed with us. Of course, I still didn't like having my picture taken and was being uncooperative. My mother ended up shouting threats from her sick bed. (Isn't it strange the things you can remember from so long ago?) In this picture I can see a Toni doll dress hanging on the rack behind my sister. There must have been Toni dolls nearby, but they don't show up in this picture. There are a few baby dolls...we always got dolls for Christmas. Dad is holding one of those little Singer sewing machines that you now see in antique stores! There are two doll trunks behind Dad. They had the cutest graphics and I was finally able to find one in half way decent condition on eBay a few years back. And of course, my sister and I are wearing matching red, white, and blue dresses.

This is Christmas 1952. I know it's probably difficult to see, but I was sticking my tongue out just a little bit so I wouldn't get caught. Don't be fooled by the smile. The tongue is sticking out. That tin kitchen was really cute and I see them from time to time on eBay. There was a way to hook up water to the sink, but my mother said it would make a mess and we weren't allowed to do it. When those kitchens show up on eBay in good shape they usually go too high for my budget, but I'd love to have one again someday. Once again we got dolls. I must have undressed my doll, but our dolls were usually dressed alike...just like us. We always got the same dolls. And this year we're wearing matching maroon dresses.


  1. Were those pictures taken on Christmas Day?

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, your holiday photos are so lovely!


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