Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are You Ready For Christmas 1948???

Christmas 1948 was our last Christmas in the attic. I only have one memory of living upstairs and that was the steps. I can vividly remember coming down the steps to my grandparent's place. For some reason I had a fear of steps and things that I remember from my childhood often involve steps.

In this picture my sister would have been five and I would have been just about three. My goodness...Dad would have been thirty and Mom would have been twenty-eight. You can tell this was a long time ago just by looking at the wallpaper!

I often see the dollhouse on the left (behind the little piano) on eBay. And the little guy on the bike in front of me sometimes shows up in antique malls, but he's quite expensive when I see him. I'd love to have the little Super Market again! Isn't it adorable?

We always got dolls and their accessories at Christmas time. Some years back I went to a flea market/antique show up near Intercontinental Airport in Houston. I walked in and there at the first booth was a high chair just like the one you see in this picture. It was missing the tray, but I recognized it immediately. Yes, I bought it!

And look...I spoke too soon yesterday. I don't have ugly shoes on in this picture! I'm sure they were put back on shortly after this picture was taken.

And I'm so proud of myself today. My husband was off and I convinced him to help me get some of the Christmas stuff out of the storage place and bring it to the house. We now have boxes and plastic containers stacked in the den. It's a start anyway! I didn't bring as much over as I have in the past. I'm not decorating the dining room this year. When Reid came home from the hospital with the walker we had to move some furniture and accessories out of his way, so the dining room is now being used for storage. We'll be eating Christmas dinner in the kitchen this year.

And I ran over to see Dad this morning. He was sleeping with his head on his Bible. It was opened to Mark and he told me that was his favorite one. I brought him a milk shake and he drank it right down. They're having a Christmas party on the 18th and I should be able to make it. Reid has a rehab appointment that morning at 8:00 AM, but my husband will take him since I would have to leave here in the dark if I drove him and I have trouble with depth perception when it's dark.

And it's after 8:30 in the evening and I just vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor. I either don't have time or I don't have the energy. We had rain last week and dirt and leaves were tracked in. What a mess! I got it mopped just in time for more rain this weekend.

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  1. Sounds like you are on top of things, Betty! I don't even have boxes out.


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