Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas 1949 Continued...

Here's another picture from Christmas 1949. My sister and I were having a tea party which I'm pretty sure was the photographer's idea since I have no recollection of us ever having a tea party on our own. However, this is one of my favorite Christmas pictures. The cute little folding table and chairs were eventually passed on to my cousins. My aunt refinished the set and I believe it magically appeared under their Christmas tree one year. And of course, I'd love to have the little tin tea set again.

It's strange, but these pictures are all black and white and yet I believe I can still remember the color of things correctly. The table and chairs were covered with red oil cloth, the tea set was white with a blue design, and the plaid jumpers we're wearing were mostly navy and burgundy.

And now on to my day. Reid was supposed to go for rehab at MD Anderson this morning, but after his shower he didn't feel well and needed to take his anti-nausea medication. Unfortunately, the pills help with the nausea, but they put him to sleep. He ended up canceling the appointment and going back to bed. He slept most of the day. I asked him which was better...being sick to his stomach or sleeping? He said it didn't matter. Either way a week is wasted after each chemo.

I wrote to the Postmaster General yesterday. Perhaps I overreacted? Anyway, I had this year's Christmas mailing planned in advance. I'd buy smaller gifts and mail them in Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. You've probably seen them advertised on television? A flat rate no matter how much it weighs as long as it fits in the box. On December 3rd I went to the post office for the free boxes. They didn't have any and I was told I could order them online and they would be delivered right to my door. So, I went home and ordered them. It's now December 16th and they still haven't arrived. When I went online to check it said they had been shipped on December 11th, but when I called I was told that was wrong and they were really shipped on December 7th. Either way the mail sure is slow...huh?

I decided I couldn't wait any longer and today I used some boxes I had on hand and will now have to mail them regular Priority Mail which will be more expensive. I wish I had just mailed them Parcel Post the beginning of December! By trying to save money it will now cost me more. I was told when I called that they hadn't anticipated the response. I suggested to the Postmaster General that at the very least they should pull the ads. If they can't meet the demand they should stop advertising them. I felt a lot better after writing the letter. :)

Did I tell you that we finally got some Christmas decorations up? Not as many as in past years, but it's really looking like Christmas around here now and that's a good thing!


  1. You should consider sending copies of these classic photos to a greeting card company. Every year I purchase retro Holiday cards and I would honestly buy one with one with this photo on it. So classic and innocent. Truly captures the holiday spirit.


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