Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas 1950

I only have one picture from Christmas 1950.  I think that's because a picture of my mother, father, sister and I was never taken because Mr. Sheriden (the photographer) came to the house that year for my sister's birthday party.  Dad was probably at work.  Her birthday is December 23rd, but I'm assuming the party was held the week after Christmas.  That's when this picture was taken because we're wearing the same dresses as we did in her birthday party pictures.  (I'll be posting the birthday party pictures on December 23rd.)

I remember these dolls.  I loved the size and thought I had a real baby!  Aren't they nice?  I understand that these dolls didn't hold up well over the years because they had "Magic Skin" which was a rubbery type skin that turned black and rotted over the years.  And you'll notice that my sister and are are still dressing alike only in different colors.  My dress was green.  I don't recall the color of my sister's dress.

And see the Christmas stockings hanging behind us?  They're a red cotton knit.  Today, I have mine hanging on the mantle in our den.

Today was the Christmas party at my Dad's nursing home.  I took pictures, but they're still on the camera (which is where a lot of my pictures seem to stay these days).  I'll try and get them uploaded tomorrow.

Reid went to rehab yesterday and today.  He's been complaining that his legs hurt.  I'm so excited!  That's wonderful news!  It must mean that more of the feeling is returning to his lower body.  Two months ago he probably wouldn't have even realized if he had stubbed his toe and broken it.  I think his walking is improving a little too, but it's only been noticeable the last couple of weeks.  To be honest, I was trying to stay optimistic, but deep down inside I was feeling discouraged when I didn't see improvement sooner.  Now I'm very hopeful that he'll be able to walk normally again someday and even drive a car!


  1. I mean this in the nicest of ways, you were so spoiled! You got the nicest gifts! I love these pictures.

    Hope Reid is feeling better soon and back behind the wheel in the new year!

  2. Hey, that is a wonderful sign that Reid's legs are hurting (although I do wonder why they are hurting..?). Can he walk any better at all?


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