Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another update and the NCAA Final Four - YIKES!

Reid was seen in the Fast Track Clinic at MD Anderson yesterday and everything was looking good.  His platelets stayed the same and didn't go down which was very good news.  It meant no transfusion was necessary and if they go up to 50 (from 44) by his next appointment on Thursday they'll remove the Central Venous Catheter.

I don't know who is more excited...him or me.  He'd love to see it gone because taking a shower is a bit of a hassle since it needs to be covered each time so it doesn't get wet.  It's also always there, in the way, and a constant reminder of what he's been through.  I'd love to see it gone because I do the bandage changes and now that we're living down here I do the daily Heparin flush too.  That was always Jim's job before, but he's back at the house so I do it now.  We're really keeping our fingers crossed that it's out on Thursday.

The fatigue hasn't gotten any better, but that is considered normal at this point and will just take time to improve.  The salty taste that the chemo left him with is better each day and yesterday his old appetite was 95% back.  He lost nine pounds in the hospital, but hopefully it will come back quickly now.

Now we have this to deal with...

We're living around a mile or so from Reliant Stadium and must pass by there to get to MD Anderson.  If there's another way to go I'm unfamiliar with that route or it involves a freeway.

We've been watching them transform Reliant Park and the stadium from The Houston Rodeo to The Final Four.  I would have taken pictures, but I was busy driving and in Houston traffic I must keep focused.  I also have no way to upload pictures on the Netbook.

This will give you an idea of our new traffic headache...

You'll have to click on the map to enlarge it.  We're staying near Main Street and just south of the 610 Loop.  The Medical Center and MD Anderson are located adjacent to Hermann Park and Reliant Stadium is located between here and there.  Taking Main Street is not a good option because it's almost next to impossible to get out in the traffic, so we take the 610 feeder road east to Kirby and go up Kirby to Old Spanish Trail.  (I don't even think they show Kirby on this map, but it runs along the west side of Reliant Park.)  On the east side is Fannin, but that will be just as bad as Kirby when it comes to traffic.  Hopefully, we can time things to avoid the worst traffic.  I hate traffic!

With luck his appointment on Thursday will be it for the week and we can hibernate here until the games are over.



  1. Hope that works out and Reid does better so you don't have to get in that traffic. We live near a High School and game night is a mess I can't imagine if it was a major stadium. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Houston traffic is horrible at its best. Our daughter lives in Houston...... I always dread driving there.

    Reid's good appetite is sounding very positive.
    My prayers continue for his complete recovery!

  3. Hip, hip hooray! This sounds so promising.

  4. I had such trouble driving there. I kept getting lost.

  5. So happy to hear the good news. xx


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