Friday, March 25, 2011

Day +14 Update...and too much time on my hands!

Yesterday, we were back at MD Anderson for Reid's first follow up appointment with the Physician's Assistant.  His white count had gone down to 9.5 from 13.7 the day before, but this was expected.  His count had been higher from the Neupogen injections and now it all comes from his immune system.  I'll have more peace of mind when it gets up into the normal range and stays there.  We were both surprised that he didn't need a transfusion and she said he didn't need to return until Monday.  We had originally been told he'd have daily appointments including weekends for a while.  We celebrated by sleeping.  No early appointments to keep...YEA!

Fatigue is Reid's constant companion which is also very normal.  It can take a year or more for him to get his energy level back up.  However, he must get up and do some walking each day because of his lung.  His one lung doesn't fully inflate at the bottom since the original mass paralyzed a nerve to that lung.  One of the nurses explained that his new immune system might mistake that for infection and send a bunch of white cells there to fight infection which in turn would cause inflammation.  So, he must work to keep that lung as fully inflated as possible.

Yesterday, he got plenty of walking done at the hospital and then in the evening we walked around the outside of the motel.  Today, he didn't do as well.  We ended up having to go over to the hospital so he could get his lumens flushed since we don't have the supplies with us here.  We'll be getting them tomorrow when we go back to the house to get some things, but they need to be flushed daily or no less than every couple of days.  He was very tired, so he used a wheelchair for the trip into the hospital and then walked to the parking garage when we left.  I suggested another evening walk around the motel, but he fell asleep.

He also doesn't have much of an appetite.  Everything tastes salty to him...even plain water.  This is another chemo side effect and is expected to last a couple of weeks.  He's finally drinking more since I bought those Kool-Aid singles to put in the water.  I've got the refrigerator here stuffed with everything from Carnation Instant  Breakfast, Gatorade, pizza, lasagna, cheesecake, etc.  He eats a little, but says it's hard since nothing tastes right. 

Meanwhile, I found myself with a little extra time on my hands and stayed up late last night and did what bored people everywhere do....I googled my name.  Remember, I have a very common name, but what a life I've had!

I'm from NJ originally and must have had a Tupperware Party that I had completely forgotten about, but thanks to You Tube I now remember.

Bet you didn't  know there's an old British expression that goes, "All my eye and Betty Martin."  I'll admit it made absolutely no sense to me, but it means a lot of nonsense or baloney anyway.

I even have my own song called "Hey, Betty Martin."  It's sung by Joe Liggins and you can listen to my song here.

My alter ego has also been a writer, psychologist, artist and even an accountant.  I've died many times over, but I'll spare you the details. 

I've hardly changed at all over the years.

Yes, that could almost be this Betty Martin.  I actually had glasses like that once.

Then I googled my maiden name and found out that I had been arrested in Florida.  Here's my mug shot.

That's when I decided all this excitement might be too much for my heart and I quit googling.

Thanks again...Betty

Edited on March 29, 2011.  I had called this day +25 in the post title, but it was actually day +14.  I got the actual date mixed up with the post transplant date.


  1. Betty, you are hilarious. I am glad you finally did some investigative work into your background. Sorry about the arrest but maybe it will make you think twice next time :-). So many things that it seems Reid is always waiting on, like for food to taste better and having to fight against the fatigue to get some walking in. He's lucky he has you to urge him on and for all of the good care. I guess you get to make a visit home today!

  2. Good to hear that Reids' getting the exercise he needs... hoping his appetite will improve soon....and hoping y'all are having a good weekend.

  3. You both have to feel so much better being out of the hospital and I'm glad Reid is improving even if it's slowly. He's had a rough time. I googled my name once and all I got was

  4. You had me rolling with laughter on your google of your name! lol I will have to do that to see what I come up with.

    Have a Great Day!

  5. Well, darn! No wonder you're worn out. Maybe Reid should try food he's never eaten before and then he won't know if it taste right or not...OK, that seemed more light hearted inside my head but I'll share it anyway.

    Sending hugs and prayers to my busy, ex-con friend.

  6. Stopping by from Pat's blog. Keeping you and Reid in my prayers. I've googled myself too, and my alter ego of note is a physicist.


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