Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day -2 and counting...

Today is day -2 and so far things are going well.  Reid is still in good spirits and joking with everyone.  However, his counts have gone down and today he required his first transfusion.  As the counts continue to go down he will become more and more fatigued, so Keith and I will take a walk with him shortly.  We are told that evidence seems to indicate that the people who exercise and remain active get out of the hospital sooner.  There will be days when he won't be able to do much, so he must remain active while he can.

Here are the pictures I took on Monday when Reid was moved to the new stem cell floor.  He doesn't consider any of this a Kodak moment, but agreed to one picture.  

This is Keith sitting on the couch that opens up into a bed in case someone wants to spend the night.  Keith joked that it was too bad Reid didn't have this room on Sunday when we had the plumbing problems at home.  We could have all moved in and saved money on a motel.  :)  There are 2 TVs in the room and you can see the one in this picture.  The table can be rolled anywhere in the room and is nice for when we eat here with Reid.  I'm actually using it now as I type on the Netbook.

I give up!  I uploaded these pictures to Blogger from home intending to add text from here.  I keep trying to get my text aligned to the left, but it wants to be centered like the pictures and I'm tired of trying to change it each time.  From now on it will be centered...I think!

This picture shows how the room is set up.  It's at least twice as big as the room he had before.

And this is the view.  The building with BCM is Baylor College Of Medicine.  Between Baylor and the building to the right is Rice University's football stadium.  At least I think it's their stadium.


The brick building is St. Luke's Hospital.  That's where the Texas Heart Institute is located.   I believe the glass building is medical offices

I think this is part of St. Luke's too.  We'd love to see a helicopter land, but so far it hasn't happened.

That's the update for today.  Thanks again for your prayers and support.  Betty


  1. I know you all are getting anxious as the date gets closer and everyone is in my prayers. My hubby's words when he had his bypass was "let's get the show on the road" and I'm sure that's how you feel. That room doesn't really seem like a hospital room to me but I'm sure it does to Reid. {{{hugs}}}

  2. You are surrounded in prayers, sweet lady. Tell Reid we are all thinking of him!

  3. It's so wonderful how the rooms are so much larger and better than in times past.

    I love the beautiful downtown views...... but I wish you were all home and not looking at the views from the hospital windows.

    My continued thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!!

  4. Hi Betty,
    I was directed to you site by Cindy Atkins, a fellow art blogger. We are also immersed in the life of cancer. My husband was diagnosed with Stage Three Pancreatic Cancer in November. Interestingly, the two final choices were Stanford and MD Anderson. Both great hospitals. Jud has had chemo and targeted radiation and we will know a week from today whether he qualifies for surgery. Back to California from Minnesota! We stay with old friends. Barry, the husband is in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma and the whole family has been wonderful about understanding what we are going though because they have been there.I saw the handsome healthy picture of Reid and hope that stem cell transplant will get him back again. Jud's best friend has had two of them and the second was successful. He is going to be able to meet his first grand daughter very soon!
    You enter a different world, don't you? Especially back at the hospital. And especially getting a procedure done like this.

    I will be watching his progress and keep him, and your entire family in my prayers,

    Jud is on Caeing Bridge under jud reaney. I have a blog that is Stop by if you have some time. i will be doing a lot of sitting and waiting next week and will likely have my computer.

    Susan (Suz) Reaney

  5. The room looks very comfortable. At least as comfortable as a hospital room can be. I'm sending out my wishes that the hospital staff is kind and attentive.

  6. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I visiting from Jenny Matlock, my prayers for you and your loved one.

    Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. - Deuteronomy 31:6


  7. Hi Betty, I am also coming over from Cindy Adkins blog to sending loving thoughts and wishes your way. I will keep Reid foremost in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like the whole family is staying positive and doing what needs to be done. God bless you all! xxx Tammy

  8. Hi Betty
    I'm sending a NYC post card to Reid from the address on Jenny's blog. That was so thoughtful for her to post his address. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers for a successful procedureand recovery for Reid!{{{Hugs}}} Pat


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