Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day +12 Discharged!

Things got a little rocky yesterday with a couple of nose bleeds and swallowing difficulty, but a platelet transfusion and a good night's rest turned things around today.  His throat was much improved and he was discharged around three this afternoon.

We got back to Candlewood Suites and I walked across the parking lot to Taco Bell and got him 4 tacos.  He ate three of them...the first non-soft food in almost two weeks!

We'll be making daily trips to the hospital for blood draws, transfusions, etc., for a while.  That's considered normal at this point.

Thanks again for your prayers and support...Betty


  1. That is wonderful. I'll take Reid's address off the side bar but you know he'll remain in my prayers. I'm sure he feels better now that he has had him some Taco

  2. Such good news Betty! I'm continuing to pray for Reid's recovery and good health!

  3. Praise the Lord Betty! That is great news! I can't believe he ate 3 tacos either! What a difference a week makes! Thanks for the updates!

    Hugs & Prayers!

  4. Yes, what a difference a week makes to be sure. I will be so interested to hear how it goes.

  5. That is so good to know, Betty. God bless. xx

  6. Woooppeeee, it's so good to hear he was discharged and we'll continue prayers for perfect healing.
    Surprisingly good that he could eat 3 tacos...... that's wonderful.
    Hope today is a good one!

  7. Whoo Hoooo! You go girl! And congratulations and all the very best to Reid. Time to relax just a little, get better, and enjoy!

  8. Dear Betty,
    So happy for you and Reid.
    Take care
    Ida in Sweden.

  9. Hello Betty

    Eating something he likes is a big step forward. I'm so glad to hear this.

    I'll be back to visit again, I'm praying for your whole family!

    Janet Panecki


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