Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day +11 and progress being made!

Yes, it's day +11 and there have been some changes.  Yesterday his white count went from .3 to 3.1 and today it's 9.1.  He's now engrafted and no longer needs the Neupogen injections.  He's producing white cells on his own!  It might fluctuate a little, but it won't go down much now.

There is a possibility he could be released tomorrow, but he must be able to drink 2 liters and swallow all his pills.  Right now his throat is bothering him because with engraftment everything starts to heal and new tissue is growing behind the damaged stuff in his esophagus and it's trying to slough off.  It feels as if something is stuck in his throat.  He's been told to try eating soft food...apple sauce, yogurt, etc., to see if that helps.  He also needs to walk around more in hopes of getting this thing dislodged.  And he needs to keep drinking.

I talked him into ordering scrambled eggs and apple sauce for breakfast (he hates yogurt so that's not an option) and he's giving it a try.  Nothing really appeals to him and I've found that making lots of suggestions sometimes meets with success.

Meanwhile, I moved yesterday to Candlewood Suites around 4 miles from the hospital.  I ran to Kroger on my way back there last night and bought a few things.  I'll need to get some more things before he's released.  Today I came here on their shuttle, so I don't have the car.  I hadn't expected things to move this quickly, but I'm glad!

Thanks again for your support!  Betty


  1. Oh Betty. Such wonderful news. I'm sorry he's so uncomfortable but it sounds like a positive discomfort!

    That is such a jump on the blood cell count.


    Prayers continue for you all!

  2. Praise the Lord. I'm so glad about his count and I hope the swallowing and all will get better quickly.

  3. What a wonderful jump in the count but that would be scary to feel like something is stuck in the throat. Hope he was able to eat the breakfast. Mercy, what an ordeal.

  4. Dear Betty,

    I'm following your updates and I'm happy for you and the good news. My friend says hello and thank you for your good wishes to her.
    Take care
    Ida in Sweden.

  5. Oh, Betty, how wonderful for you and Reid and the rest of your family!
    Whoo Hoo, celebration time!
    It's awesome, and I hope the recovery goes quickly and you both are running marathons soon!
    Love from NJ

  6. Praise the Lord Betty! That is wonderful news! I hope he gets to go home tomorrow!

    Hugs & Prayers!

  7. Oh my goodness..... I'm crying tears of happiness and thankfulness!!!

    I'm hoping and praying for you all... for complete healing and quick recovery......

    Tell Reid that his friend from Seguin, Texas said for him to eat those scrambled eggs, and drink lots of liquids......


  8. Betty, Reid progress sounds very good! I am excited for you all and crossing my fingers that he continues to improve so he can go home!

  9. That's very good news! Yay!


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