Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I'm thankful that while driving along in a different part of Houston we spotted a Dunkin Donuts.  They are few and far between here and we hadn't had any of their donuts in many, many years.  We zipped right in and bought a dozen.  (They were $6.99 a dozen and when we last had them I think they were $3.99 a dozen.)  Sounds like a simple little thing, but we were thrilled and for that I'm thankful.


  1. Aw, the simple pleasures of life but yet some take that for granted. I am always shocked at the price of donuts when I do find one to go to! I love Krispy Creme Donuts. I remember buying them for a dollar a dozen! Not anymore! We like the glazed, cream filled, with chocolate on top! lol Those are the best! I need donuts!!!! lol

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  2. Hello, Betty...found you through Leah's blog.....I was born in 1951...great growing up in the 50s, huh? come by anytime and visit my blog when you have the time...



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