Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feral Kittens Progress For Tuesday Show And Tail...

Today I'm participating in Tuesday Show and Tail over at West Virginia Treasures.  For information and a list of participants head over to Angela's blog.

The feral kittens are now over 7 months old and all of them have been fixed along with their mother.  I started going outside and sitting on the back step with some cat treats.  At first they wouldn't come near me, but I started to toss cat treats towards them and eventually they started eating them and coming closer.

Atticus and Scout loved the cat treats, but Jem would just sniff them and walk away.  Eventually all three of them came right up to me, but Jen just out of curiosity.   I've held treats out towards Jem and let him sniff them, but he's just not interested.  The other two gulp them down as if they were starving.  I wish I could find something that would attract Jem because most of the time he keeps his distance.

I can now pet Atticus and Scout and I've even picked them up for very short periods at a time.  I've managed to pet Jem a couple of times, but when he turned around and realized it was me he quickly walked away.  I hope with patience I can make some more progress with him too.

Reid used his cell phone to take this short video.  The sound isn't always clear, but I commented on how fat around the middle Scout was getting and he joked about her being pregnant.  She's not.  Like her mother and brothers she was fixed.  They all have their left ears clipped which is done with feral cats to indicate they were spayed or neutered. Jem kept his distance while the video was made, so you won't see him.  Atticus is the red tabby and Scout is the black and white one.


  1. Hello I am visiting from Angela's.

    The cats were cute - so are they your pets that you found? I am not sure exactly.


  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    How long have you been working with them? They look happy enough and I do not think it is just the treats. They can tell a soft touch.

  3. They are so beautiful Betty! They don't seem to be feral anymore! I'm assuming that you will be able to get them domesticated like other cats? Hope so! Loved the video! The orange cat is so beautiful!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  4. Betty, I've thought about getting a Feral Cat to hang out in my barn. But, I'm afraid it might tear up my dogs. Let me know what you think if you don't mind!..:)JP

  5. I'm partial to the orange ones. And I miss having cats so much! Thanks for letting me vicariously pet one, now I'll go feed my goldfish.

  6. That's the cutest video, Betty! They don't look the least bit feral now that they know you. Scout's socks are adorable.


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