Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I've been missing class lately, but thought I'd jump in here with a "G" post because I had intended to do a post election day rant about GARBAGE anyway.  I was pleased to see that this week's letter fit right in with my GRIPE post.

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So what's my GRIPE?  Take a look.  My son took this picture for me with my cell phone yesterday outside our polling place.  (That's me in the blue jacket.)
Actually, this is just a portion of the signs that were placed around the Senior Activities Center where we vote.  This scene is repeated wherever there's a polling churches, schools, city hall, etc.  When I went inside to vote I jokingly told them that I always count signs and vote for the candidate with the most.

I know in NJ where I grew up there is no campaigning allowed within a certain distance of a polling place.  I no longer remember how many feet, but it was probably at least a couple of blocks.  There were never signs dotting the landscape around a polling place and there were never signs left behind when the polls closed.

Here it almost seems like a contest to see who has the most signs.  They all put them up...Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc.

Now here's my GRIPE.  After the polls close why can't they take them down and throw them in the GARBAGE?  Yes, a few take them down but I suspect that's because they want to reuse them in the future.  Most are left behind.  I drove past city hall this afternoon and probably 80% of the signs were still there.  In past years I've seen city workers go around to each of the polling places and throw out the signs.  Why should they have to do it?  It was raining today so it was probably taking them longer.
I just feel that if people can put up the signs they can take them down.

Actually, I have two GRIPES.  I don't like signs left behind.  (I feel the same way about garage sale signs.)  And I don't like "robo" calls, but I've already posted about that here.

I was also telling my son yesterday that I thought when I was growing up in NJ in the 1950's the bars and liquor stores didn't open until the polls closed.  I'm not 100% sure about that one, but would imagine it would no longer be the case anyway.  Out of curiosity has anyone else heard of that?

Thanks for letting me GRIPE.

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  1. Hi Betty it's nice to meet you . I agree that if they put them there they should take them away but I assume when they become popular it's like everyone becomes their servants or slaves haha irdk I am only kidding .

  2. I noticed some sign still up today and wondered if I should stop and get them off the side of the road. I don't like them during elections. After them, I think they should disappear quickly.

  3. Good gripe! That's a gripe of mine also. I think the candidates who leave their signs up should be fined or required to perform community service picking up trash. In Mississippi liquor sales are not allowed while the polls are open.

  4. I had never heard of that bars not opening until the polls close. I must say, I'm just relieved the election is done and I don't have to see all those commercials.

  5. I'm also happy that the election is over and life can go back to normal. It's a necessary evil, but I get tired of the constant bombardment...

  6. All good points that you make here.


  7. I agree, Betty, that the people who put them up should be responsible for taking them down.

    I'm so glad the political phone calls and TV ads are over...for awhile at least!

  8. Hi Betty,
    It has been a long time. I can finally blog again after stabilizing my family. I missed you and appreciate your email. I read about Reid and he continues to be in my prayers. Come on over for a blog visit when you have some time. BTW in my neighborhood we also have a hundreds of campaign posters. I still have not seen anyone come to take them down.
    Carey (Chicory Nits)

  9. I am SOOOOO WITH YOU on this! It drives me crazy to see the sides of the road littered with campaign flotsam for months after the election. I think people should be fined for littering!! It is so thoughtless!

  10. Hi, Betty, leaving garage sale signs up really bothers me. It's hard to believe people wouldn't go back and get what they put up. I've never seen political signs like that around a polling place. That looks awful.

  11. what totally reasonable gripes ... i hate looking at old signs ... clean up your mess people ...

  12. I feel the same way about regular trash, why can't people pick up what they have dropped or at least be responsible and clean after themselves

    ps, thanks for your visit to my alphabe-thursday

  13. You picked the perfect time to use the G word Gripe! I guess it's a problem all over least...political signs...they are everywhere. I do think they can only be within a certain distance of the polling places though.

    Another Texas Law I don't know that it has changed since I got married in 1965...Registering a Mexico Marriage. All I know is I'm LEGAL....I hope! Thanks for visiting today.

  14. I don't see the signs around the polling places like that here.

    That is pretty ugly, isn't it? And so irresponsible not to go pick them up!

    This was such a thought-provoking link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    I agree with your Gripes!

    And must give you an

    A+ for linking!

    Thank you.

  15. I think yourgripe was quite valid. We ave signe here but not quite to the extent as yours.
    Thanks for popping by. W have a rabbit called Thumper he is a house rabbit and only goes out when the sun is shinning My daughter is very protective of him. He is litter traned and everything . The dog loves him as do the cats .
    Bye for now TC

  16. I was thinking about your first Gripe myself. Around here, most come down right away. There's a movement afoot to get 'em down quickly. Folks don't like to see waste so they recycle. Electioneering is different from signs. I used to work for CBS News in their Election research department. I had to know all the local laws. Different states have different rules. Sadly, I'll bet that no drinking before the polls close law in NJ is gone.

    I've missed you and it's good to see you jump into the G-pool.


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