Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday's Show & Tail

I'm participating in Angela's West Virginia Treasures Show and Tail. For information on this weekly event and a list of participants visit her blog.

This week I'm featuring the third cat in my life. After Timmy's death I was heartbroken, so our neighbor Mrs. Moore called around to all her animal friends and found someone that owned a pregnant cat. I was told that I could have one of the kittens.

After the kittens were born Mrs. Moore took us over to her friend's house so I could be the first one to choose a kitten. I don't remember how many kittens there were, but I do remember that there was only one gray one. I originally picked a red one (all the rest were red), but as we were getting ready to leave the gray one turned around and looked at us. My sister said, "Betty, look at that one looking at us...pick him." So, I did.

I had to wait until he was six weeks old before he could come home. It seemed like forever.

Here he is around 1959.

Although I remember this cat very well I no longer remember his name. That really bothers me a lot. I've wracked my brain trying to remember to no avail. We did not have him very long. I would say less than a year. He just disappeared one day. Then about three months later he showed up in the backyard while my mother was hanging out clothes. He started rubbing up against her legs. She called me outside to see him and told me to go get him some food. So, I went back inside for the food and by the time I returned he was gone. We never saw him again. I think another family must have taken him in and he just came by to say good bye.

I'm still hoping his name comes back to me one of these days.


  1. What a sweet story! I can't stand when I cannot remember something! Just don't try to think about it and it will come to you! There was this show about cat and dog lovers and it was so clever. It told about the relationships that people have with their pets and it was so good. I am a dog person, we never had a cat, people in my family couldn't be around them. Thanks for visiting my post.

  2. Hey Betty!

    Oh I do hope that you do remember his name too! He was a pretty cat. I had a gray cat that I named Kitty Love when I was younger. My Granny has a cat that comes to her house and stays there all day but goes to it's real home at night! Cats seem to be funny that way I suppose? They feed him and everything, toys too! Mom had a cat that would come home smelling like perfume until one day he just didn't come back to our house.

    Thanks for sharing with us again this week!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  3. That was a little sad that he left home - I guess he did come back to say goodbye though.

    And man I have those memory blanks too - one day when you are relaxing - it will just come to you just like that.


  4. I came over from Angela's blog. Cats have a tendency to do things like this. Around here, they tend ot get taken out by coyotes, but if you were in a town, he probably did go to another house. I have a problem with names too... especially after a long time. You'll probably remember it in a few days or a week or so. That's about the way it works for me! LOL

  5. That was a sweet story! The thought crossed my mind that perhaps the cat had passed away, and this was his way of saying goodbye to his favorite people.....You never know!

  6. Good morning Betty,
    He was a very pretty cat and sweet story. I've never seen an ugly cat...
    We're enjoying our new Mama cat and her kitten, they add so much laughter to our life!


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