Monday, May 24, 2010

Tuesday Show & Tail - Timmy...a very special friend

Today I'm participating in Angela's Tuesdays' Show and Tail at West Virginia Treasures. For a list of this week's participants head over to Angela's blog.

If you love cats and you live long enough you'll have many cats pass through your life. Sadly, their life spans are relatively short compared to ours. All cats are special, but every once in a while a very, very special cat will come along. Timmy was one of those cats.

Timmy was the second cat in my life. I believe we got him as a kitten from the O'deas who lived next door. I'm not sure exactly how long we had him, but I do know it wasn't nearly long enough. I was in the 7th or 8th grade when Timmy was hit by a car in front of our house. I was heartbroken. Timmy was my best friend.

Look at these pictures. All were taken by me. Timmy was a very cooperative model. He would go along with just about anything. He was a sweet cat with a wonderful disposition.

For a while I cried whenever I thought of him. I missed him so much. My mother never understood because she was never a cat lover. I remember her telling me to get over it or we'd never have another cat. So I'd quietly cry myself to sleep at night so she wouldn't know.

I could still cry now just thinking about him. He was that special.

I'll always miss you Timmy.


  1. Hi, Betty, I had a black and white cat like that named Sneaky Pete, who died as a kitten and I could still just cry when I think about him. One of those special kitties.

  2. Welcome to Tuesdays' Show & Tail! Thanks for sharing your old pictures and memories of your special cat Timmy! He really looked like a sweet kitty. I loved seeing all of those old pictures of him.

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  3. Its easy to see what a sweet kitty he was! I never used to like cats, until I got my first one - then I was hooked! Right now my cat is on loan to my mother, who lives in an apartment now that Dad passed away, and she and my cat are good pals. Fancy even prays the rosary with mom each day! (Fancy loves dangly beads, you know!) Thanks for joining in today!

  4. Those are really good photos. What a cooperative cat.

  5. Oh, he must have been lovely. Award for you at mine, Betty.


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