Monday, May 31, 2010

OH NO! What a stupid mistake...

I feel so bad. There were seven comments that needed to be approved. One was one of those annoying comments from anonymous wanting to sell shoes. (At least he/she must no longer think I need Viagra.) I've nicely asked anonymous before to quit posting comments about things he/she is selling because I'm not putting them through. So, I rejected the anonymous comment.

Then I read all the other nice comments on Keith's birthday and checked them off, but instead of approving them I clicked the wrong button and rejected all of them too! I was so mad at myself. I tried backing up and approving them, but once they're rejected Blogger will not let you approve them. At least I couldn't figure out a way to do it. I even tried to copy and paste them into this post, but I wasn't able to do that either.

So, to everyone that left a nice comment I thank you.

I'm going to be immature about this and not take responsibility. I'm blaming it all on anonymous instead.


  1. KeitherM8:05 AM

    I can't believe you deleted all the nice comments about my birthday! I am so depressed. The only thing that will cheer me up now are the great deals at DSW Shoes' website:!!

  2. Well at least you only put up the website for a shoe company and nothing else. I must have raised you right. :)

    Good luck finding a new pair of shoes.

  3. omg I know who Keith got his sense of humor from lol.

  4. Take care, because if you comment in an email you send back to someone, it shows a legit email address, and they will send you more 'junk mail'. Also, if you get a link to a web site in a comment that someone leaves, they get paid for doing that, even if no one clicks on the link! This goes for shoes as well as Viagra!) I found that out by searching the "work at home" jobs that are posted and read the directions. Lots of scams out there!!!


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