Wednesday, June 02, 2010

ALPHABE-THURSDAY - "T" as in Troy!

Once again class is in session at our TEACHER'S blog Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent." For information on on this weekly event and a list of this week's participants head over to Mrs. Matlock's blog.

This week we are studying the letter T and it just so happens that our middle son's name is TROY.

TROY was born on October 20, 1970 in the US Naval Hospital at Naples, Italy. When he was seven months old we returned to the states and stayed temporarily with my parents in NJ. This is one of my favorite pictures taken of TROY in my parents' backyard in NJ. His hair used to stick straight out as if he had stuck his finger in an electric socket.

Unfortunately, a lot of these old pictures have become faded and discolored over the years. I believe TROY was around two in this picture.

This was his first grade picture.

This one actually had a date on the back. It was taken in November 1979. I wish I had been better about marking the backs of all my old pictures.

This is TROY in the 4th grade. I wrote 1979-80 on the back.

This is his fifth grade picture taken in 1980.

Here he is in 1983.

And his junior year in high school at Cypress Creek High School in Houston.

This was Troy's Senior picture in 1988. That year Jim had been transferred to Oklahoma at the beginning of Troy's Senior year, so the kids and I stayed behind in Houston so he could graduate with his class.

This picture was taken in May 2009 when Keith turned 40. TROY is on the left with Keith, Reid and Jim.

This is TROY and Reid. TROY is on the left. It was taken this past April when we went out to celebrate after Reid completed chemo.

TROY is a very hard worker and does computer work for an engineering firm. He's our on call computer guru. Right now he's going through a difficult time in his life, but I'm confident things will get better with time. He's another cat person and has four rescued cats.

I had a doll scene set up for this week, but I've been experimenting with trying to take pictures without a flash and using camera lights instead. After many attempts I never got a decent picture and gave up. It's back to the drawing board to try and figure out what I'm doing wrong. TALK about frustration! I'm also in the middle of taking Reid for radiation TREATMENTS each day. As we like to say, "We're busy making cancer history." That's a play on words since MD Anderson's slogan is, "MD Anderson...making cancer history." We like to think we're funny. :)

Mrs. Matlock said it's TIME to be nice to all our classmates, so I'm off to visit as many as I can.


  1. I hope things go better for Troy. Thanks for sharing him.

  2. That's a nice post, Betty. I love the angel hair sticking out, that's so cute.

  3. Troy couldn't possibly be any more adorable and whatever it is that is troubling right now I will hold out HOPE that Troy makes it through a stonger person...

  4. Hi Betty!

    I enjoyed seeing Troy grow up therough his photographs tonight. He is a handsome man and I'm wishing him the best.

    I'm also wishing and praying for Reid that his radiation treatments go well, and alos for you and your family who are so supportive of him. {{{hugs}}}

  5. That first picture of Troy is so cute with his hair all sticking up so far! best wishes to him, that he may get through his rough spot, and best wishes to Reid on his radiation ... life does give us hurdles ... doesn't it...

  6. I ♥ seeing your son grow up! How handsome but the photo I love the best is his wild hair!

    It takes a little experimenting to take the photos with no flash but I really like the results. I don't have a light source other than what God provides through a window and it seems to work just fine!

  7. What a sweet choice for the letter T! I have boxes of old photos that I've been trying to scan and preserve, and I wish I had been better about dating them. Praying for your son, hope his treatments are going well. Kathy

  8. A perfect T post for sure! I had to laugh as my husband is the on call computer geek for his family as well!

  9. I lovely walk down memory lane! Very enjoyable.

  10. what a lovely tribute to your son. i hope he gets through this trying time and comes out the other end stronger. he is so fortunate to have the love of his family

  11. Betty, what a touching "T" stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday!

    I always love dandelion-head babies...Troy was adorable.

    I was really touched by his devotion to his brother as well.

    He seems like a wonderful son and brother. You should be proud of the good man you raised!


  12. i love the pic of his hair all sticking up :D

  13. I loved all the pictures of Troy as he was growing up. Hopefully, what is happening with him will be solved soon. Good luck to Reid with his radiation. I know those radiation treatments must be very draining on you both. Great T post. Hopefully, the little dolls will be back next week ;-)

  14. amazing post.
    Happy Thursday!

  15. Great pictures of your son. And such a great son and brother too.

  16. such a fine tribute...wonderful post...peace and blessings

  17. It's amazing to watch the transformation from cute little boy to wonderful son. Thanks for sharing Troy with us.

  18. I love seeing the progression pics of Troy growing up. I hope things improve for him.

  19. I loved watching him grow up in the photos you posted. I'll keep both he and Reid in my prayers.

    Beautiful T.

  20. Hi Betty,
    Thanks for visiting my post. You can't go far in England without bumping into a canal of some kind.

    I enjoyed your post. It's great to see children growing up into adults you can be proud of. My two are a bit behind yours; 18 and 16. I hope life turns a corner for Troy and that Reid's radiotherapy is a success.

  21. I hope the trouble will pass for Troy, and for Reid's treatment to go well.

    Wonderful progression pictures of Troy.

  22. Yes, nice to see Troy . What a handsome young man !


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