Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday...The Letter P as in UH-OH!

Class is in session once again, and this week we're studying the letter P. For a list of this week's class members visit our teacher's blog at Jenny Matlock..."off on my tangent."

The kids got out their Letter "P" books and started studying all the "P" words. Some of them were in their PAJAMAS, so that was the first "P" word they found.

While they were studying I decided to post some "P" words of my own.

This past weekend we drove down to Galveston for the Galveston Historic Home Tour. It's always the first two weekends in May, but we managed to visit all the homes on the tour in one weekend.

We walked down some PRETTY streets and saw PRETTY flowers.

We visited many PRETTY old homes.

We saw PRETTY backyards.

There were PRETTY colorful flowers and some were PINK.

(Soon they'll be having to water these every day.)

See the sign with the number 29? The homeowner found that sign under some rubble in his backyard after Hurricane Ike. He investigated and found out it was a buoy marker from the Texas City Dike.

This is PRETTY neat. It's just a wall with a window. I guess they did it to hide the building behind it.

Another PRETTY backyard. I can see some more PINK flowers.

This house had a PRETTY yard and a PRETTY deck, but with a PRETTY lousy view of the neighboring yard. There are some beautiful restored homes in Galveston, but sometimes they're right next door to an eye sore. The other side wasn't much better.

This was also the view from their deck looking straight to the back and it's very nice.

Some more PINK flowers on a back PORCH.

This is the view from a front PORCH. I love the way the front PORCHES all line up. I can just picture what it must have been like back then when all the neighbors sat outside after dinner and visited (instead of being inside on the computer, playing video games, watching TV, etc.) Do you see the PINK flamingo?

The lines were PRETTY short.

It was PRETTY interesting to see the Ike PLAQUES on some of the homes. They indicated how high the water came during Hurricane Ike. The water only came up on the steps at this home.

It was PRETTY sad to see all the beautiful old oak trees gone. The salt water killed many of them. I think if the water had receded right away they would have survived. The palm trees did much better.

This esplanade used to have gorgeous old oak trees. They were huge. Sadly, most are gone. The majority of the dead trees have been taken down, but you can still see some in this picture on the left in the distance. I think some people waited in hopes the trees would come back. I know there was some kind of time frame with FEMA and if people waited FEMA wouldn't pay to cut them down.

They've been replacing the trees, but there's a PRETTY good chance that I won't live long enough to see them grown. :)

OK...the kids are done studying. They came up with another "P" word. They love to PLAY in the backyard now that the weather has warmed up.

UH-OH, they didn't mean to interrupt little Ginny while she was making a "P" word of her own. (You'll have to use your imagination so we don't get in trouble with Mrs. Matlock's G rated rule.)

Class dismissed. You can all go out on the playground now. (Is that OK Mrs. Matlock?)


  1. Betty, you did it again with your darling Ginny photos! The homes and yards on the tour are really pretty.
    Thank you for sharing your treasures once again.

  2. Betty, I loved your tour. Very prett pictures. I always love your dolls...even when they have to do the essentials. Joni

  3. Pretty perfect post! Thanks for the pretty P words and pictures today! Anne

  4. Another fun post Betty. I love what you do with your "kids" each week. And I loved the tour. Galveston has some beautiful old homes, glad to see that the island is making a comeback after Ike. But it's so sad to see those beautiful old oaks gone. I know those folks are going to miss the shade and green that they provided. Kathy

  5. What beautiful yards and houses. I love the flowers in the tub.

  6. Oh, no! The "p" word. Don't say it out loud or we'll all get in trouble.
    Another clever, cute post with Jenny and the kids. I always have fun when I read your assignments.

  7. I love the staging, and the great photos of the old homes...nice choice for your "P" post...Peace and blessings

  8. Thanks for a tour and I think I need to go get my pajamas on now.

  9. the outhouse one is ADORABLE and all those pics are PRETTY!

  10. pajamas - never could resist those, cute display this week, I like the cabbage pal down on the ground, at least that's what I think it is

  11. Pretty! I just love your dolls, maybe because I never played with them as a little girl i am so enamored of them now.

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bathtub planter!!! One of my neighbors has one... When they go on vacation we water for them and I always ooh and ahh over her claw foot tub filled with flowers!

  13. what a great home looks like such a beautiful day!

  14. Beautiful mixture of your dollworld and the lovely community where you live. Great p-words, starting with pajamas, and branching out to others like "porch" that say something about climate and Southern hospitality.

    Thanks for sharing,

  15. Taking another look, I see that I've turned it all around in my mind. You started with the "pretty" house tour and then came home to the dolls' world!
    I am so charmed my it all that I lost track!
    Best wishes,

  16. Thanks for the tour, I love the tub water garden and the story about the "29" sign :-)

  17. The kids make me smile :). And those houses with gingerbread and porches are so lovely. Too bad about Ike.

    Great post!

  18. I can just imagine how neat that tour of homes was. They look lovely. Wow, on how high the water came in some of them. I'm happy they were restored. It must have really taken a lot of time and money. Love, love the outhouse and Ginny LOL. Great job this week.

  19. Always a Pleasure to see what the dolls come up with!

  20. The dolls are a riot! Who knew there were such stately homes in Texas? Not me. Thanks for the tour.

  21. Oh my lord, I was taking a drink of water when I saw that last picture - I almost spit it out!

    As always, I love your creativity and sense of humor.

    I also love those old homes! And I see what you mean about the porches lining up - my parents live on a street of rowhomes and they all have porches, and when we first moved in our next door neighbor told us about how they would all gab and gossip with each other across the porches many years ago. Sometimes I wish we could go back to those days!

  22. I loved all those pretty houses, I did not realize Galveston looked so much like Key West! Your cute little dolls are adorable as usual! Don't you just love Thursday's with jenny Matlock!

  23. Thank you so much for the tour! Loved the pictures and the commentary.

  24. Betty! What a pleasure this perfectly pretty P post gives me on my little journey today through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "P".

    The doll vignettes made me smile and the home tour pictures....

    Oh my.

    I need to put that tour on my bucket list.

    I love old homes and those are particularly plentiful and pretty.

    My favorite picture might be the porches all lined up.

    It isn't hard to imagine them filled with happy laughs and chatting in days gone by!

    Thanks for making this P stop such a pleasure!


  25. That was a lovely tour thank you

  26. I need to get down to Galveston again. That tour looks awesome!

  27. Betty, wonderful photos of Galveston and the Ginny vignettes. So sad about the oak trees, though.

  28. Your tour of the houses was priceless....truly. I loved the garden shots. I have no doubt it was a wonderful afternoon for you. Thanks for sharing on Alphabet Thursday!

  29. Great P post! Thanks for sharing all those photos. I'm such a fan of your doll vignettes, how do you come up with those? All the details, like the sand box? You're amazing.

  30. my gosh, those houses are beautiful ... i love the yellow one. I see the dolls are out and enjoying the warm weather ... they are such a treat to see each week!

  31. what a fun post.....I lose seeing Galveston and the pretty gardens...I especially love the bathtub planter....they sure get the storms dont they? scary!

  32. Perfectly pretty post, Betty! I love all the pretty houses and flowers and the front porch with the flamingo. And your dolly shots as always are precious!


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