Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Last Saturday my husband and I drove out to Round Top, Texas. I'm afraid my heart wasn't in it. I still wasn't feeling 100% and then after lunch I felt even worse, but I persevered for as long as possible. Traffic was backed up and I never made it down to one of the areas I usually enjoy. In the interest of time we stopped at another spot instead.

I didn't buy much. Now I have regrets. Why didn't I buy that dresser scarf with the cute embroidered dogs? And there were a few other things I passed on early in the day thinking I might see something better later on. I did buy another set of bronzed baby shoes for my bronzed shoe collection. (People collect everything...don't they?) And I got one of those tacky bowls or baskets made out of Christmas cards and sewn together with yarn. Anyone remember those? And I like to buy old recipe boxes with the recipes. They're few and far between. When I see them they're usually empty. So, I was pleased to get two boxes filled with old recipes. I also got a few other odds and ends, but ended up calling it a day earlier than I wanted. I'm hoping to convince my husband to drive me back out there on Friday when he has the day off. (Wish me luck!) I wish I didn't have so much trouble driving after dark. I hate waiting for someone else to take me some place. It cramps my style. :)

I did manage to snap a few pictures...

Here's my husband walking along. (No, that's not our dog.)

You see just about everything...

And here's something I never even thought about. Most of the dealers are there with their RV's and campers. They tell me once a day this truck goes through and takes care of necessary business. (You don't have to see the truck to know it's there.)

And this was an interesting booth. I can't help but wonder how many doll heads she actually sells. Most of them looked like they were dragged through the mud.

Yes, there's a little bit of everything for the discriminating buyer.


  1. Oh, the wagon is wonderful. I would have wanted that white stool. Total yish on the grubby doll heads, ugh.

  2. wow, that is a lot of doll heads, Betty! Hope you are feeling better and can get back soon! I can't do night driving either.


  3. Love the wagon. It's always that way with me, thinking "Why didn't I buy...?" afterwards but it sounds as if you've got quite a good haul!


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