Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yesterday morning I went out to the garage and found an injured baby possum on the floor. He was raising his head and putting it back down, but he didn't appear able to walk. There were spots of blood on the floor and I surmised that he probably had fallen off a beam to the hard concrete floor.

Last weekend during a torrential downpour my husband had spotted a large possum up there. Possums don't hurt anything and we come from the live and let live school of life, so we chose to ignore him/her and let it be. Now I suspected that the grown possum was this little guy's mom. I had an appointment and assumed the baby was almost dead, so I reluctantly closed the door and left.

When I arrived home I checked the garage for a body and there he/she was walking around a little in circles. A big improvement in four hours. My son noticed that his one eye was badly injured and almost gone. So, we put him in a cat carrier and drove to the Wildlife Rehab. Center in Houston.

Sadly, the lady thought he probably wouldn't make it, but at least he'd have a peaceful ending there. She suspected he had more serious injuries that weren't as visible as the eye, but a veterinarian was with him when we left. Poor little thing. I hate to see injured animals.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry about the little one. I always feel so bad when life ends too soon. You are a gentle soul. You took the little guy where he could have the best end...a lot of folks wouldn't have honored his life with a peaceful death.

    The Q-tips? Well, they haven't found them yet☺ Mine love milk bottle rings, mint gum wrappers (yum) and little snippets of fresh catnip, but what cat doesn't☺

  2. That is just so sad, Betty. I can't stand to see animals suffering. I am glad you were able to take the poor little thing someplace he would be safe and be cared for in the proper way rather than suffer on its own!



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