Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I think I've finally found a home out in the country that we might be able to afford. A little fixer upper for our later years.

Seriously, driving around in the rural areas we see so many places like this one. Abandoned for years and rotting away. It's kind of sad. Maybe there was just not enough money in farming or ranching and the owners had to move closer to the city for job opportunities? Perhaps the owners were elderly and no longer able to live alone or maintain the property? Why didn't somebody want the place? If only the walls could speak.


  1. Betty, you are such a hoot. That roof doesn't look too bad though. Maybe somebody is taking care of it?

  2. I thought the one in the pic was going to be yours for a moment! I was wondering what on earth to say!

  3. When I'd spy one of those I'd tell my kids that it was a "fixer upper". All it needed was a little paint and some love☺


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