Friday, March 27, 2009

We'll be gone on Saturday...

We're heading up near Round Top, Texas on Saturday. It's time once again for the Round Top Antique Show, but I don't go to that one. I prefer to traipse through the free ones held in the surrounding area in empty cow pastures. Lots of good junk. Way too much to see in one day. I would have gone up for a day earlier this week, but my eyes no longer cooperate and I just can't drive on the freeways in the dark anymore. In order to have a full day I'd have to either leave in the dark or come home in the dark. So, my husband will drive tomorrow while it's dark and I'll take over when it's light enough for me to see (that way they'll be no arguments about where to stop...I'll be making the decisions). :)

We usually take I-10 out of Houston and get off at Sealy so we can stop at the bakery in Bellville, Texas. The only bakeries we have near us here are in the grocery stores, so stopping in Bellville is a must for us. Besides, by Bellville we need a pit stop. Then we head towards Shelby and make a couple of stops there and then over to SH 237. I've got all my favorite stops marked on the map.

I try and go dehydrated since I hate those Port-a-Potties. If we're lucky we'll find a place for lunch that has restrooms...primitive as they may be.

Anyway, for me it's always a fun trip down memory lane even if I don't buy much. And I'll probably be very selective since I've been on a mission lately to declutter this house. Wish me luck!

Pictures to follow in the next few days.


  1. Have a great time while you are away.

    I think my grandson would be thrilled to share his name with a kitty! Isn't it funny how we use two names when we want to get the attention of someone...child or pet?

  2. I can't wait to see lots of photos from your trip, even the bakery. Have fun!

  3. Have fun Betty! Share pictures of the treasures you come home with!

    PS...I checked Ginny and she is in one far...thanks for the tip, I will keep an eye on her!

  4. Have a lot of fun Betty! I hope you find something special, and get a lot of bakery treats!

  5. Oh, I'd have a great time there! Looking forward to seeing your pics.


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