Saturday, April 25, 2009


A while back I received this award for my blog from Kim over at My Domestic Bliss. I was thrilled, but still very new to blogging at that time (although I've had this blog for a couple of years I only started posting regularly this year) and couldn't decide who to pass the award on to. So, I decided to take my time and think it over carefully.

This is what was included with the award:

Immediately, some of my old friends came to mind. (And I don't mean old in years...just older friendships.) People I've known online for a number of years...Loretta over at House Of Houben, Karen at Sew Primitive Quilter, and Linda at Linda's Chatty Blog. I met all of them a while back on vintage doll collecting boards. Meanwhile, I've met a whole bunch of new people over here in blogland that I now consider friends too. So, I hope it's OK if I break the above "rules" and invite all my new friends to help themselves to this friendship award. I enjoy visiting your blogs on a regular basis and consider you all good friends.


  1. That is so sweet of you, Betty! Thanks so much. I consider you one of my best dolly friends, even though we've never met in person. (yet) If only Texas was a tad closer...

  2. Hi, Betty, you are my good friend, too :-), one of my longest-term friends ever!

  3. Betty, I was so touched by your post on the baby possum, I also love and care for animals, as you know if you have visited by blog.\

    The post about the award was also touching and I will send to eight friends and hope they will pass it on. I will copy your remarks about the award if you don't mind.


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