Saturday, July 08, 2017

Doll Day...Making doll drinks with polymer resin

I decided to spend my Saturday working on a couple of doll projects.  I really need to be outside trimming the bushes in the front of the house, but it's so HOT!

I decided to work on some lemonade for my doll's lemonade stand.  I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I was having trouble finding the supplies I needed.  I make drinks with polymer resin and I couldn't find the correct color dye.  I spent some time researching on the Internet and people were talking about using alcohol ink for dye, so I headed to Michael's and picked some up.

I took a picture of the pitcher and a few of the glasses of lemonade that I made.  The rest were in a safe cat proof place drying.
I used clear beads and some chunks of clear plastic that are sold for decorating tables for ice.  I think the chunks might be called scatters?  Anyway, they worked well.  The lemon slices are actually erasers that I bought at Dollar Tree many years ago.  They came in a bag with lots of other little eraser things that I threw out.  I bought the bags for the lemon slices!  I haven't seen them in Dollar Tree for years and I'm almost out now.  I probably put too many in the pitcher.  I wanted some to float on top but I put them in too soon and they sunk.  It needed to set up a little longer.  Oh well, I don't think my dolls will notice.

In case you're interested I found directions for making doll food and drinks about 14 years ago on a site called Pannikins.  This was before You Tube videos and other online directions.  I still find this site to be my favorite.  There are great directions and pictures and although they're for doll house scale (1:12) most are easily converted to 1:6 scale.  Sadly, the lady died but her son has kept the website up.  Her name was Mary Eccher and she was a very creative and talented person.  Take a look at all the food and drinks she made!

After the lemonade I worked on my dolls' game room.  This has been a work in progress for years. Reid had someone save the games at Toys R Us because he knew they were the correct scale for my dolls.  They were models of larger game tables that they sold.  So, my dolls had to have a game room...right?  In recent years there isn't a very good selection of sticky Contact Paper and that's what I use in my cabinets for wallpaper.  I had originally used this paper for a doll bedroom, but it just didn't work.  Then I decided to put the doll bedroom in the space where I had the game tables and move the game room to the old doll bedroom.  Did you follow that?  Anyway, this paper works better for a game room. I'm still not crazy about it, but it will have to work.  Today I covered the floor with another roll of contact paper that I thought went OK with the paper on the walls.  Now I'll have to decorate the walls with the kind of signs you'd find in a game room.  I took a quick picture of how it looks today.  Eventually it will get finished.
Of course, this is just a preliminary picture.  They would never be in the game room without adult supervision in a "real" picture.

So that all kept me busy today.  Tomorrow afternoon I have to go up to Spring, Texas which is about an hour from here to pick up some chairs that I bought at an antique mall.  I never liked the dining room chairs that we had and have often thought about replacing them.  Then last weekend I saw six chairs that I thought were perfect, but I could only fit three in my car.  So, tomorrow Reid will go with me and we'll pick up the rest.  Then I'll try and sell the original chairs.  Wish me luck.

I'd better run...


  1. I know it must be hot there - but are you getting rain - we are drowning here.

    You did a fantastic job on that lemonade - how did you know all that - it looks perfect like real lemonade - you are so talented - I could never do that. Excellent.
    \Have fun getting your chairs tomorrow!
    Love, sandie

  2. Betty, the lemonade is adorable! I've never worked with resin before, but you give me courage. I'd love to try it. That's so neat you did 2 dolly projects, and I did one! Great minds think alike.

  3. I am verily impressed that you make doll food, Betty. Wow. I have yet to find something about which I'm passionate. I think that's pretty cool of you.

  4. Hi Betty, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and all the doll scenes and info. I found you through Carolyn's Rock & Roll Ginny's. Thank you for such an interesting and fun blog!


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