Thursday, July 27, 2017

ABC Wednesday..."C" as in Crazy Cat Lady?"

Welcome to ABC Wednesday and the letter "C" as in Crazy Cat Lady?

Yes, I asked that as a question.  Am I the Crazy Neighborhood Cat Lady?  Perhaps, but I'll never admit to how many cats currently live here.  All are rescues.  Where I lived previously my home backed up to an apartment complex.  I believe people sometimes moved and left their cats behind.  A feral colony formed nearby and the rest is history.  Most of my current cats wandered into the backyard.  There were also some that I trapped with a humane trap and had fixed and then released.  They were wild and didn't want to stay.

Four years ago I moved and there are no feral cats here.  Thank goodness.  I do not want anymore cats, but I would find it difficult to turn my back on a hungry cat.

I've had many cats over the years and every so often a really special one will come along.  I love all my cats, but I do have a favorite right now.  Meet Blackie...
Not exactly an original name, but she showed up one day and I fed her.  I didn't know if she'd come back and I just called her Blackie for obvious reasons.  Well, the next day she came back with a kitten and I started calling him Baby because he was obviously Blackie's baby.  Here they are today...
That's Baby on the left with the white whiskers.  He's also got white on his paws and under his chin.  Blackie has a tiny white spot here and there on her coat.

Blackie is my favorite cat and the rest of them all know it.  I tell them all the time.  She is no trouble at all and just as sweet as can be.

When they first showed up they lived outside.  I already had cats in the house and didn't plan on adding anymore to the mix.  I had them both fixed so there would be no more kittens.  They had the garage for shelter but spent most of the day in the backyard.  Blackie would stay on the deck right by the backdoor waiting for me to come out.  She never ventured very far from the door.  If I came out she followed me around the yard.  She always wanted to be held and would purr up a storm.   Finally, I had to bring them inside.  Blackie was so special and really wanted to come in.  Neither ever wanted to go outside again. 

In the first picture Blackie has one of her toys.  She sometimes carries them around and meows like crazy.  Yes, she's on the kitchen island.  I decided to give the cats the island in order to keep them off the kitchen counters.  It kind of works.  We never use the island for anything else.

In the second picture they're cuddled up together in a cat bed on the couch.

So what do you think?  Am I the Crazy Neighborhood Cat Lady like one of my sons claims?

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  1. Blackie is darling, Betty. I have two friends who think they're the crazy cat ladies, too. I love that they are willing to take on strays. Sometimes I think the word gets around among in a neighborhood about where's the best lady to check out.

  2. Missing the word cats. The words get out among the cats. :-)

  3. There are worse things than being a crazy cat lady

  4. Well if you are a 'crazy cat lady' then I like you even more ;-)
    There are so many animals in need so every person who lends a hand to help it making lesser I welcome with open arms.

    Have a ♥-filled ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

  5. You are definitely a "cat lady," but not at all crazy! You just simply adore cats - that's all. I'm a dog person myself, but my daughter loves cats!

    abcw team

  6. Well if I can get over the fat with that many cats I'd be dead from not being able to breathe - I am so allergic.
    I think Blackie and her baby are beautiful! I think you are a wonderful cat lady and have saved a lot of lives there. I admire you. I would have a hundred pets if I could. Good for you!

  7. Then we are two cat ladies, here they call me Madame chat (which means cat in French) I have my cats since a long time there is just Pookie who died last months she was almost 20 ! fortunately where I live there are no stray cats they all have a home. But I would also fed them all !

  8. Adorable black kitties ~ so glad you took them in ~ you are all blessed ~ do wonder how many cats you have? ~ Neat post for C ~ ^_^


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