Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ABC Wednesday..."B" as in Bucket List

Welcome to ABC Wednesday and the letter "B" as in BUCKET LIST.
 I have had three things on my BUCKET LIST for many years.  I actually have more than three, but these three have been on my list the longest.

More than ten years ago I went to see a movie at a theater here in Houston.  I no longer remember the name of the movie, but I do remember one of the pre-movie ads.  It was all about a blueberry festival in August.  It gave the name of the town, but not the state.  I knew right away it couldn't be in Texas because our blueberry season is over in June.  When I got home I googled "Machias Blueberry Festival" and discovered it was in Maine.  Obviously, the ad was sent to our movie theater in error.  It never mentioned the state, so I assume the ad was meant for movie theaters in Maine.  I checked out the website and have wanted to go ever since.  I love blueberries and a state with lobster would be another plus.  I enjoy parades, pie eating contests, vendors, etc.  In case  you're interested this year's festival is August 18, 19, and 20.

Another place I've always wanted to visit (and really #1 on my list) is The Normal Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA.  I just love Norman Rockwell's work.  His paintings always tell a story.  When I was growing up in New Jersey my Dad would take the train to work in New York City.  He always picked up the Saturday Evening Post to read on the train.  Often something done by Norman Rockwell was on the cover and I would study every detail closely.  To visit the museum and see lots of his work up close would be a dream come true.
 Around 20+ years ago a traveling exhibit of his work came to Houston.  There was a special display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  I did find it a little strange at the time that the display wasn't at the art museum, but I went down to see it one morning.  It was work that Rockwell had done for the Boy Scouts.  As I walked into the room a few people were leaving.  After that it was just me and the security guard.  I was able to take my time and study each piece carefully.  They were all behind a roped off area and I was having a little trouble seeing, so the guard told me it would be OK if I ducked under the rope.  I'm sure he wasn't suppose to let anyone do that, but I was thrilled.

I have some prints of Rockwell's work hanging in my home.  I've also collected some Rockwell plates and figurines.  Most I've found at estate sales or antique malls.  At Christmas I have a Norman Rockwell Christmas village.  It's the main street of Stockbridge and there is even a figure of Norman Rockwell.
 This is one of the prints I have hanging over the fireplace.  It's my favorite Rockwell piece.  It's called "The Problem We All Live With." 
I like the way Mr. Rockwell showed this innocent child surrounded by hate.  You can see the smashed tomatoes and the word that's written on the wall.  She's being escorted to school by U.S. marshals, but you don't see their faces.  You have to look at the innocent child.  This was when 6 year old Ruby Bridges integrated an elementary school in New Orleans, LA in 1960. It appeared on the cover of Look Magazine in 1964.  I wish this kind of hate was gone forever, but sadly it's still with us.  I believe hate has taken on a life of its own on the Internet and I find that so sad.  I wonder what Rockwell would be painting if he were alive today?

The third thing on my bucket list is to go to the very top of Mt. Etna in Sicily.  I will try and remember to write about Mt. Etna when we get to the letter  E.


  1. What a lovely post you've written and what a good choice for B also.
    To fullfill wishes of the bucketlist must feel great!

    I have a bucketlist (ofcourse, who doesn't) but it has not a great importance to me. I do wish to travel someday again but if that doesn't happen, its okay.

    Thank you for sharing this, I am glad to see a happy blogger ;-)

    Have a nice ABC-day / – week
    Melody (abc-w-team)

  2. Wonderful bucket list ~ in some ways because you have 'things' from the place or artist I would say you are almost there ~ just have to get to MT. Etna ~ soon ~ ^_^

  3. Seems you need to go to the Northeast for a trip! You have a couple nice ideas there. And I love Normal Rockwell too - he was quite perceptive wasn't he? sandie

  4. Oh, you SHOULD go to the Rockwell Museum. They've had some great non-Norman work there too.

  5. I used to have a Rockwell print of a teacher standing in front of the blackboard with her name on the board - Miss Jones. I loved it simply because that was my name when I began teaching. My #1 list on my bucket list is to live in Wales or England. Don't know if that will ever happen, but I'm looking into it. I might be too old now.

    abcw team

  6. Thanks for your great comment about my middle name. Just popped back to let you know that my younger sister's middle name was Mary! So there you see - 2 popular names at the time. *smile*

  7. I wouldn't mind going to any one of your bucket list places, Betty. Your first 2 locations triggered books I read when I was a kid. Blueberry Summer was a teenage romance set in Maine. It had to do with a 16-year-old who begrudgingly helped with the blueberry crop and in the process learned what kind of boy to trust. "Mary Jane" was about a middle school girl who was one of the brave few to integrate a school for the first time. No doubt it was inspired by Ruby Bridges.

  8. Very interesting list.

  9. Talking about lobsters the best I have ever eaten was in Cape Cod. There was even a MC Donald serving Lobster burgers ! This picture is really very sad ! But it was the truth and as you say, still is.


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