Saturday, February 18, 2012

Google/Blogger/gmail, etc.

I'm sure you've all noticed that Google is changing their privacy statement. They say it's to make everything uniform across all their services. I understand they're in business to make money and ads generate revenue for them. Their services are free for us to use.

I was concerned when I first started using gmail and saw ads appear on my screen that had something to do with subjects covered in E-mails I had sent or received. At that time I read their policy and learned that no humans at Google ever read my E-mails. Google software just picks up key words and then puts up ads that "might interest me." I thought it was a little intrusive, but decided I could live with it.

Lately, I've received E-mails from a couple of people and their full names with street address have appeared on my screen. I'm assuming these people shared the information with Google at one time. I did not have their information anywhere on my computer or gmail address book. In fact, it was the first time I ever communicated with the one person. Has anyone else noticed this happening?

I can live with them auto-suggesting when I do a google search, or putting up ads on my E-mail screen, but I don't want them sharing my full name and street address.

Should I be concerned...or am I a little paranoid? 
Edited:  I decided to go back and look at both E-mails again.  They do not use gmail, but they both use the same Internet Service Provider for their E-mail. Now I'm thinking they must have willingly shared this information with their provider and it's not gmail doing it.  I am going to start paying closer attention to see if any other addresses appear.  I only noticed this for the first time a week or so ago.  Please let me know if you've ever noticed this too?


  1. I have never seen it. I hope it is not mine! I tell you we have no control over things. sandie

  2. I noticed the ads in my email a long time ago. I didn't like it but figured I'd tolerate it since it is free.

    I thought I'd look and I found this:


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