Friday, January 20, 2012

Things that are going on...

Reid came home from his trip last Sunday morning. He had a great time on the cruise and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. However, he developed a cold during the week and by Sunday evening had a fever.

He E-mailed the Physician's Assistant at MD Anderson on Tuesday since he was scheduled for a CT scan and the clinical trial on Thursday. She told him to come to the Emergency Center to be evaluated. It was determined that he had some pneumonia in his one lung and he was given an antibiotic. They also did a flu test and the following day that came back positive. So, now he's taking Tamiflu too. He did have a flu shot last October, but I guess this is a strain that the shot didn't cover. However, the fever is gone and he doesn't feel all that bad. The CT scan and clinical trial have now been re-scheduled for next week.

Meanwhile, Jim was also down at MD Anderson on Tuesday for his regularly scheduled appointment. His PSA has gone up again, but he was given a new injection and hopefully this will bring it down. He's feeling well and did a bunch of running around today on his day off.  He even went grocery shopping with me this afternoon.  Tomorrow I'm going to make some Chicken Noodle Soup just like a Jewish Grandmother!  If you remember my Secret Santa gave me the Cooking Like A Jewish Grandmother Cookbook in the swap and this family could use a little Jewish Penicillin right now!

Some months back I bought myself Family Tree Maker 2011 and I've been entering all my documented genealogy information into the program. (I did some research back in the late 1980's and early 1990's before we all had personal computers.) With Family Tree Maker I received 6 free months of but I've been waiting for things to calm down a little around here before I activated it. I'm starting to think that there's no time like the present, so I'll activate the subscription this weekend. Last night I decided to set up a second blog just for genealogy. (What was I thinking??? I don't even have time to post on one blog very often and now I'll have two!)  All the catchy little names were taken like "In Search Of My Roots" or "Climbing My Tree."  Oh well, I tried.  I settled for "My Trip Back In Time."  It will probably be dormant for a while, but it's there for when I get a little ambitious.

Oh yes, and after this summer's drought our house now needs some more interior piers. That will mean ripping up carpet and my beautiful brick kitchen floor, bringing in jackhammers and drilling through the concrete, digging out the dirt, and putting in the piers. Yes, it will be a big mess. We're thinking about what we're going to do right now, but there really isn't anything to think about. It has to be done at some point. I just dread the whole thing.  We watered around the slab with soaker hoses all summer long, but we do have some nice big trees in our yard and they soak up a lot of water.  Such is life in Texas.

Note: This is not our home.  Our home really doesn't look crooked to the naked eye.  I'm just exaggerating a little here.

 Did I tell you that I'm old and tired? That's my usual punch line these days.

 Tomorrow I'm going to start taking down the Christmas decorations. It's time and I really want it all down before Easter. I brought most of the boxes and containers over from the storage place yesterday. The one cat keeps climbing the tree. You can only tempt them for so long.


  1. Gosh Betty - whew. You have your hands full - no wonder you are so tired. I hope Reid feels better soon and heals. And your hubby - I hope and pray the new shot and plan will work. I am sorry about your house. Did you think the watering would help it somehow? I am not sure about that. And last but not least - I hope you find your ancestry! sandie

  2. Oh Betty, you're definitely gonna need a bigger platter soon!

    Give my regards and let him know I'm sending a prayer his way.

    And you...GO. TO. BED!

  3. Oh Betty.... I hate to hear all that you've been going through lately. I'm glad that Reid is feeling better and your husband is felling better too. I've never heard of having to put piers under a house before. I'm assuming your house has a foundation. I can't imagine having to go through that big remodel job.

    I wish you lots of luck in finding some of your family tree! I need to start mine back up again.


  4. A lot going on at your house! I hope Reid and your husband will get good reports on their next doctor's appointments.

    The home repair sounds like a nightmare...

    The genealogy on line should be fun and interesting.

  5. Enjoy exploring your genealogy ... i'm sure it will be a fun project. Best wishes to Reid and your hubby ... hopefully they are both 100% soon!

  6. Goodness, what a lot is happening! Best wishes to you all.

  7. My husband's sister used to be very interested in their genealogy. She has since passed away and we've received her materials. We've had some calls- out of the blue- from another genealogist wanting to get a certain Bible from her collection for HIS genealogy. It's a competitive sport, and a small world, so you better go get your hands on some stuff!


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