Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos from the cruise...

 Reid is on a cruise this week. One of his friends is getting married on the ship later this week. Yesterday the ship docked in Key West, Florida. From there they're going on to The Bahamas and returning to Galveston on Sunday.

Here are a couple of photos that he sent to me yesterday.  They were taken with his cell phone.

This one is self explanatory...

I was glad to see that Reid is experiencing culture on this trip.  I think he said this sculpture is in front of a museum and is called daydream.  That's not Reid on the ground...that's part of the actual sculpture.  He explained to me that the guy is supposed to be daydreaming.  Maybe I should have this one as my blog header?  You know, DayDreamnWorld and a picture of someone daydreaming?


  1. I'm so glad that Reid is getting to have some fun! That picture is very interesting Betty! lol I don't know if I would have named it daydreaming though! lol


  2. aaah. The daydreamer is going to get crushed by those giant Matisse women!

  3. Glad he is having a good time. And ah Betty that is a male day dream - not a woman's!!!


  4. I've been to Key West a few times and I've seent this sculpture. It always makes me laugh. I'm glad Ried is having a good time!


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