Thursday, July 29, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect...

I decided to practice with Blogger In Draft today.  Yesterday I was having trouble getting pictures in the post, but strangely enough it's working differently today and I had no trouble.  This is a picture of Reid with Dad on Tuesday.  Reid is starting to regain a little of his lost energy although he still needs to rest often.  After the nursing home we made a couple of stops at some stores and he needed a nap by the time we got home.

And below is a picture of the feral cats that have taken up residence in our yard.  I believe I put this picture up before, but since this was taken we have managed to catch the mother and the little black and white kitten with a humane trap and they've both been fixed.  Two down and two to go.  Fortunately, we caught the two females first which means no more kittens in our yard.  Now we will attempt to catch the two boys.  We actually had the darker red one in the trap on Wednesday, but his sister managed to get in there with him and we aren't allowed to have two cats in a trap where we take them to be fixed.  So, my husband very carefully opened the trap door and the red one darted out and the black and white one went to the rear of the trap.  We were afraid they'd both run out and we'd have none caught.  Before we caught the two of them the mother went into the trap, but she was fixed last week and we didn't need her trapped again!  So we had to get her out of the trap and reset it.  Catching all these cats is very stressful for them and us!
Please spay and neuter your pets!  There are so many strays and ferals out there that need our help.


  1. Reid looks a lot better, Betty.

  2. Your blog looks great...I'm too nervous to tinker with mine. The cats are precious......Dianne
    kitsch n Stuff

  3. Reid looks great! Hooray for this update!

  4. We have so many cats in our neighborhood too, and they dug in my front garden for their droppings. It's stink! I wish people who have cats, keep them for themselves.

    What a great service you're doing!

  5. Hi Betty
    In the UK not knowing what runner beans are would be like not knowing what potatoes are! They are a green vegetable, you just slice, boil and eat them. I grow them in my garden.
    Good post from you too

  6. Yay! that you were able to get your photos up. I meant to say on your earlier post...that it looked like a great visit with your dad.

    Blessings & Aloha!


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