Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday Make Up Class -A,S,T,U

Welcome once again to Alphabe-Thursday sponsored by Mrs. Matlock over at Jenny Matlcok..."off on my tangent." Today is a make up class and I feel right at home. In real school I was forever turning in things late. I guess Mrs. Matlock will be deducting points today. That's OK...I got used to it years ago.

I discovered Jenny's blog right after the letter A, so I began this journey with the letter B. I thought it was appropriate to go back and pick up the letter A and post this video of the ALPHABET Song. I've always had a special place in my heart for Elmo, so I thought I'd share this with you today.

Sometime during Alphabe-Thursday I decided to try and improve my photography skills and take pictures of my dolls using a tripod and without a flash. There are plenty of websites out there with lots of advice on photographing dolls, but I fooled around with it for weeks and was never happy with the results. I even went out and bought the photo bulbs, reflector lights with clips, and a new tripod to replace the one I thought wobbled too much. (It had to be the tripod...not me.) I finally came to the conclusion that the problem is with the operator and not the equipment.

I had set up a scene with my dolls and intended to use if for the letter S. When I didn't have the pictures ready in time I decided to use it the following week for the letter T. That week passed and I still wasn't happy with the results, so I decided to try using my doll scene for the letter U. Three weeks went by and I never posted the pictures for Alphabe-Thursday. Finally, I gave up.

Since this is a make up class I decided to use the pictures anyway. Someday when I have more time I'll figure out how to get rid of the shadows and get the color better.

S as in SCOUTS.

T as in TROOP.

U as in UNIFORM.

This was the annual Brownie Troop 33 picnic. They're wearing the number 33 on their sleeves. A couple of Girl Scouts joined them that day to help the Leader.

This was supposed to be my old Brownie Troop...Troop 33 in Westwood, NJ. I don't know why I became sentimental for Brownies. I was only a Brownie for one year and hated it. I decided the only person that had any fun in our troop was the treasurer because she got to collect our ten cents dues each week in the metal band aid container. (Remember those?)

I hope to see you in class again.

This was Kindergarten. Can you guess which one is me? Hint: I was always the smallest one in the class.

See you in Summer School!


  1. I think the doll scene is adorable, I love the Collie! And I love your old photos, I think you are the little girl on the very end in the first row? Anyway, wouldn't it be fun if we could have a class picture for Alphabe Thursday?? Kat

  2. How fun the pictures are of the dolls in the brownie uniforms. I think the pictures came out great. Good post.

  3. This is so cute, I was a Brownie only for a short time, but I will never forget that they taught us how to fold the sheets on a bed corners and to set the table...I remember it everytime I make a bed...Wonderful the fun..bkm

  4. What a cool alphabe-Tuesday post! I may be a daisy troop leader in the fall. Yikes!

  5. See you in summer school!
    Great post - I was a Brownie too - an Imp for a time and then a fairy. When my daughter was a Brownie I was Snowy Owl.
    Those were the years!

  6. This brought back such mixed memories of my own time as a Brownie! Didn't like it either - especially being bossed about by bigger girls!

    So interesting reading posts like yours on Thursdays,

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  7. Oh, I love your dolls! I was never a brownie. I probably would have hated it too. But I adore your brownie-dolls.
    Don't give up on your photography!
    You take great pictures!
    (Love your cats too!)
    Best wishes,

    Anna's little musician

  8. Wow, your Ginny pictures are amazing, Betty, and I love the school photo.

  9. I will see you in summer school. I came in late too and will need remedition.

    I loved your scenes.

  10. I have enjoyed all your doll posts! And this one in particular, because I was a girl scout! :-)

  11. I love this post! Are you in the front row far left?

    This is wonderful make-up work!

    Love your stories and your charming photos and vignette!

    How could I possibly mark this down!

    Alphabet Soup was richer because of your great, of course, you have an...


  12. cute and fun post.
    it evokes sweet memories.

  13. I wish I could come over and play with these dolls! Such a cute post Betty. In reference to the OPRAH gig...well they still have not announced 32 more I suppose there is still a slight chance...highly unlikely but hey you never know. It was a fun experience nonetheless.....thanks for asking. Debbie

  14. as a rainbow guider i loved this thanks

  15. I had to enlarge each one to get the full on experience of joy these create. I adore this post. (PS I made it all the way up to whatchamcallit into my teens before forsaking the scouts. The best and worst of times.)

  16. I think the pics are to cute for words. I do not mind shadows because I have the same problem. I am not really a camera buff and just pick out the best that I manage to take.

  17. the pictures are adorable ... and i was a brownie for a couple of years.

  18. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E The kids are having fun with Jill and your photo is so cute.

  19. I was babysitting my granddaughter tonight and we had to watch Elmo sing the ABCs about 20 times. I couldn't resist - she would say"abc's gwamma". Fun post - and the dolls are always fun!

  20. This is a terrific made-up post, Betty! I love your shots of the dolls..and they are adorable in their browning uniform!

  21. Are you that sweet little thing on the end of the front row? I was always on the back row.

    Love the dollie pictures. If I find a way to lose the shadows I will let you know. The best I can offer is post editing.

  22. Betty, I was a Brownie, too and I wasn't crazy about it either. I kept forgetting my dues even though I had that cute coin purse accessory attached to my belt. I do remember enjoying making butter sitting in a big circle and passing around a mason jar of cream with each girl taking turns shaking it until we had butter.

  23. Oooh Brownies - that brings back such memories! I helped runa pack when I was in my late teens early twenties - it was hard work at times!


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