Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Everyone is trying to stay cool these days. We heard all about the hot weather on the East Coast last week, but that kind of weather is normal for us until mid to late October when we'll start to have a day here and there where we can turn off the A/C. We did have a lot of rain last week which was nice. Anytime the sun is hidden behind a cloud we celebrate. They give us the heat index on the local weather. That's where they take the temperature and factor in the humidity and come up with what the temperature feels like...usually around 100.

Animals seem to instinctively know where to go to keep cooler. Like a shady spot on the driveway.

This is the feral cat and her kittens. They're three months old now and she still nurses them. They don't want you to bring in a cat to be fixed if she's still nursing kittens, but I'm afraid she'll go into heat before I get her in. Those kittens eat plenty of food, but they still nurse.

They enjoy sleeping under a tree in the backyard too.

The mother is always nearby.


  1. I need to find a cool spot. Somewhere. Anywhere. Arizona in monsoon season is pretty ...ummm...yea...wicked.

  2. Oh, what nice cat and kittens. Thank goodness they found you.

  3. love your pics and the kitties!
    We had to put a fan on the porch for our pets.

    It is HOT !


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