Saturday, January 23, 2010

Viewing PINK SATURDAY blogs - My PINK SATURDAY post appears below this one

Last Saturday some kind bloggers told me how to view the blogs from the list at Beverly's blog "How Sweet The Sound." I had been going to her blog, clicking on a link, and then backing up into her blog again for the next one. It was very time consuming to do it that way. From the comments left on my blog I discovered I wasn't the only one that didn't know, so I'm going to share what I learned here.

When going down the list of PINK SATURDAY participants on her blog just right click on the link and it will open that blog in a new window. Then you just click it away when finished and go back to the window with Beverly's blog.

Someone else told me that you can just hold down the shift key while left clicking on the link and it will do the same thing.

So there are two ways to do it and both are a lot faster than backing up into Beverly's blog each time.

To visit Beverly's blog just click on the PINK SATURDAY logo on my sidebar. My PINK SATURDAY post appears below this one.


  1. When I read that in your post last week I nearly fell over. I had been doing the 'back up' thing and it was driving me nuts. Doin' it the new way this week and I am sailing along☺

  2. Now THAT is a hot tip.....I'm thrilled to learn it...I've been so frustrated trying to visit the Pinkie Girlies......I can't wait to try this....


  3. Happy Pink Saturday !!! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and viewing your lovely photos - thanks for the right click idea it has made it so much easier. Please a wonderful new week.

  4. Betty,
    Please visit by blog (chicory nits)
    I left something there for you.


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