Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is the first time I've joined in with "Second Time Around Tuesday" at Diane's blog, "A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words." I hope I'm doing it correctly.

I found these little trading stamp boxes at two different antique shops. They look like they were probably made by the same company. I'm wondering how many different styles were made? These are the only two I've ever seen in my travels, but it's the beginning of my trading stamp box collection. The stamps and books in the boxes belonged to my mother. She had them stuffed in a desk drawer for years. I guess she was waiting for trading stamps to make a come back.
I remember as a child looking through the S & H Green Stamp catalog. There was a wide assortment of things to chose from. Mom would count up her books and we'd head over to the Green Stamp Store to do a little "shopping."

I think they're kind of cute and I have them hanging on a wall in my kitchen. I took this picture in the evening, so the lighting wasn't the greatest. (I'll try and do better next time.) :)

I'm wondering if anyone else collects these boxes?

Thanks Diane for letting me participate.


  1. I love the boxes and your story behind them. I remember pasting page after page of stamps on to pages for Mom. And I also remember looking at the catalog to see what we could get. Iknow mom traded the books in but for the life of me I can't remember what she got!!

    I am so glad you visited junkblossoms and left a message so that I coud find you. I'll be back. Pat.

  2. Those are really awesome! I haven't seen them when I have been out thrifting. Great find!

    Congrats on your button! I still haven't figured out how to make one :(

  3. Hi Betty,
    Thanks for leaving the very nice commet on my blog Chicory Nits. I love your Christmas pictures and in one of them I see a dollhouse.Do you still have it? I read about your son, glad he is doing better. I am a nurse and have worked at Sloane Kettering in NYC. Looking foward to following you. Carey

  4. Hi, Betty! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have never boxes like these before - they're neat! I have piles of Greenstamps that I need to send in to redeem, but I keep putting it off.


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