Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I still haven't spotted our feral cat. She's been missing 5 days now. I know she must have been terrified when workmen came into the yard last Friday. The backyard, shed, and under the deck are where she feels safe and when they all arrived at once she must have taken off. I don't think she's used to going very far from her safe haven.

I called the city yesterday and she hasn't been picked up. I'll call again tomorrow. But something really strange happened today. This morning I thought I heard a cat crying and it didn't appear to be any of my inside cats. I was sure it came from outside and it sounded like out front. I walked around the perimeter of the house and called MaMa's name. No luck. Then this afternoon I heard it again. This time it sounded like out back. Again I walked around the perimeter of the house and called her name. Again, no luck.

I took out a bowl of canned cat food and put it under the deck. I'll check in a little while and see if any is gone. I won't be 100% sure though. There are neighborhood cats that come around from time to time. I have to actually see MaMa to know for sure if she's back.


  1. Oh, Betty, I hope she comes back soon.

  2. Thanks for coming over and commenting on Hank's post. I love meeting new people. Hank is the funniest cat I've ever had. I think his antics are totally thought out by him. He loves waking me up about two in the morning with his paw on my cheek to play string with him. HOpe you find that little cat. That always worries me.


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