Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"K" as in Killer Kitty for ABC Wednesday

It's time again for ABC Wednesday and the letter "K" as in Killer Kitty.

Our cat Zoom is a tiny cat.  She was found as a kitten behind a shopping center after Hurricane Ike in 2008.  At least that's what the man in the parking lot told me when he said, "Can you drop this kitten off someplace for me?"  At first I said no.  Then I took a second look and saw a sick kitten.  Her eyes were infected and looked horrible.  I couldn't just walk away.  I took the kitten from him and headed straight to the Veterinarian.

She was treated with antibiotics and eye medicine.  I was told she might lose the one eye, but she didn't.  She started getting well and then relapsed, but another round of antibiotics did the trick.  She's been with us ever since.

We love her, but she's a strange cat.  I'm pretty sure she has some kind of mental disorder.  I have to warn people when they come in the house not to touch her.  I usually say, "Don't touch Zoom because she'll kill you."  Then she'll come over by them and roll around on the floor by their feet looking cute.  Sometimes they'll say, "Really?  I can't touch her?"  I reassure them that she'll scratch and/or bite them if they do.  She's small but fierce.

One time my son came from Austin for a visit.  All of a sudden I heard him yelling, "Will someone come and get this stupid cat?"  Keith was trying to come down the stairs and Zoom wouldn't let him.  She was trying to attack his legs.  I started laughing, but Keith didn't think it was funny.  I wish I had thought to take a picture before I sent Zoom on her way.

Recently I picked up an empty box to put things in while I was shopping at Sam's.  When I brought it home Zoom claimed it and Reid decided to modify the wording on the box.
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  1. Wonderful to have such pets, isn't it.
    we have 2 of them besides 2 large dogs...I would love to have more.. maybe someday we will

    Have a splendid, ♥-warmin ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  2. Betty I totally get her. That was sweet of you to take her in too. I just was writing my blog next week about Disco. He has that same mental disorder. I wonder if it is because they were survivors. No one can touch him either. She is pretty and I love the box.

  3. That's just hilarious! What a cat!!!

  4. That is a cute naughty cat.

  5. Sounds like she had to learn very early to be the aggressor to survive ~ cute photo of her in the box ~ creative label ~ thanks,

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  6. Funny idea. Nice choice.

  7. One of life's survivor, the box is so funny, beware killer kitty.

  8. I have a cat she must be autistic ! she hates all humans, but loves birds, mice, cats, dogs. Nobody is allowed to pet her and she mostly sleeps outside. And she is from a friend's cat's litter !! So I know her from birth on !

  9. Anonymous5:52 PM

    While I loved the story, I loved what Reid did to the box even more!!!...:)JP

  10. Don't you have a son named Keith?

  11. Don't you have a son named Keith?

  12. Very interesting story - great choice for K.

  13. Your cat may be even more demented than mine! And mine's pretty strange.

  14. I'm a cat lover - I have three. This is absolutely hilarious about your cat, Zoom! My three cats are sweet and gentle, but my one cat, Monkey is pretty neurotic himself. He is afraid of everything. He even jumps is someone sneezes. Animals all have their own quirky personalities, don't they?

  15. Hahahah. I love that you named her Zoom. Zooom in for the attack!


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