Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dear Boston...

Today I thought of you and decided it was time to take my flag down.
At times I've been envious.  However, enough is enough!  As pretty as it is in New England I do not think I'd fair well with that much snow.  So, out of respect for you I've taken my flag down.

Christmas is officially over.  Reid helped me tie up the tree and today we took it over to the storage unit.  It had been sitting in the dining room corner undecorated for a while.
Spring comes early along the Texas Gulf Coast.  I noticed yesterday that the tree in the backyard was budding.
I haven't even needed a light jacket the past few days.  I took a walk around the neighborhood and the weather was perfect.  Perfect doesn't last long here.  We basically have two seasons...a little winter and a lot of summer.  Summer can be miserable.  My days of walking outside are limited because of heat and humidity.  Soon I'll be driven inside to walk at the mall.

 I think I spend as much time inside as they do in Boston, but we just do it at a different time of the year.