Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

A friend sent me this picture.  Yes, it could have been me way back when!



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"X" as in "let's "X" out this football season" for Alphabe-Thursday

I hate to say it, but I think this football season is over for my Houston Texans.

I hate to give up.  There are still a lot more games to play, but so far things aren't going well.

Last Sunday's game was the worst game ever for the Texans.  It was a great game for the Miami Dolphins!  Congratulations Miami!  You earned it.

The Texans lost 44-26.  At half time the score was 35-0!

As if things couldn't get any worse...Arian Foster is out for the season.  He's our running back and was injured in the last minutes of the game.  He's one of our best players.  We were being blown out of the water, so why did they leave him in?  He was just coming back from a serious injury.
So much drama too.  Ryan Mallet our back up quarterback missed the team charter and had to catch a commercial flight.  On Tuesday the Texans released him.  I don't think he was a team player, so it's good that he's history.

I want to be a loyal fan, but it isn't always easy.  My Dad was a Chicago White Sox fan for many, many years.  He started rooting for them when he was a Boy Scout.  He never gave up on them.  Finally, when he was in his late 80's they won the World Series.  "Good things come to those who wait."  Dad waited...and waited.  He always loved his team.  That's the kind of Texans fan I want to be.

I'll be at the game this coming Sunday.  I won't boo.  I won't leave.  I might be the last remaining fan in the stadium, but I'll be there.  I'm always kind of dismayed when people boo and start pouring out of the stadium when the team gets behind.  That's not what Dad taught me.  Don't worry Texans.  I'm in this for the long term.  It might just be us left in the stadium on Sunday, but I'm still with you.

We might have to "X" out the season, but I'm not ready to "X" out the team.

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I know I've been hit and miss in blogland lately, but I'm back for this week's Alphabe-Thursday.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GinnyFaith's Birthday Party

I decided it was time for a doll post.  I've been neglecting this blog and Alphabe-Thursday.  I just don't spend a whole lot of time online anymore.  I always intend to do better, so bare with me.

We had a lot of rainy weather lately and I kept busy playing with my dolls.  I decided it would be GinnyFaith's Birthday.  She invited some friends over and they had hamburgers and hot dogs.

There's always one person that hogs the ketchup!
After lunch they had cake and ice cream.  The girls even helped decorate the cake.
I didn't want you to miss GinnyFaith's cat!

I'll try and do better in the future.  With a little luck I'll get an Alphabe-Thursday post up this week.  Wouldn't you know it's time for the letter "X" which is always a difficult one.

Things just got very hectic and stressful this summer.  Reid lit up on a PET scan and ended up having two biopsies that were both negative.  However, right after that he developed double vision and had to see a neuro-opthomologist.  He already has Horner's Syndrome from the cancer that was in his neck, but this was a different eye condition.  They had to rule out Hodgkin's in his spine and brain by doing a spinal tap.  That was also negative.  It was also determined that it wasn't caused by the radiation he originally received when first diagnosed.  I believe at this point they think it's from the graft vs host disease that he developed after the stem cell transplant.  He had another PET scan yesterday and we're hopeful that this one will be OK, but time will tell.  Meanwhile, he's still taking online courses and remains upbeat.

I'll be back soon...